Corrupt Khaleda Zia owns wealth worth hundreds of millions of dollars


Khaleda Zia, head of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), an Islamist party in Bangladesh and wife of former military dictator Ziaur Rahman is having cash and ill-gotten wealth worth hundreds of millions of dollars in Bangladesh and few other countries. She has been serving imprisonment on a number of charges including corruption and stealing of orphanage funds. Her son, Tarique Rahman, a terror-patron and notorious corrupt has been a fugitive and been living in the United Kingdom since 2007 skipping imprisonment at home. Tarique has already been convicted in a number of cases including attempts of assassinating Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. In Britain, although this culprit is living on asylum, according to media reports, he has been spending lavishly both in filthily posh lifestyle as well spending millions in casinos and in maintaining several mistresses.

Khaleda Zia’s ill-gotten fortune

In Dhaka’s Gulshan area Khaleda Zia owns a residential building which she has rented out to a multinational company. Current market price of this property is estimated to be over US$ 15 million. She also has BDT 200 million in local bank in the country.

In the Middle East, Khaleda Zia owns properties in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. In Saudi Arabia, she owns a huge shopping mall along side two luxurious apartments. Value of these properties is estimated to be above US$ 300 million. Khaleda Zia has also significant investment in a Saudi company.

In Abu Dhabi, this former Prime Minister has two luxurious apartments and investment of US$ 15 million in commercial sector.

In Qatar, she has investment worth US$ 20 million in real estate sector.

Khaleda Zia also has properties in Malaysia and Singapore. According to a credible source, in Malaysia she owns two luxurious villas and properties worth US$ 12 million in Singapore.

The source said, Khaleda Zia and her son Tarique Rahman are also having properties and investment in few other countries including Britain, Vietnam, Maldives, Caribbean Islands, Nepal and Pakistan.

Another source claimed, Khaleda Zia and her family members are having huge properties in Canada, Australia, Dubai and the United States. In the US, their main investment is in casino sector.

The source further added that Tarique Rahman, his friend Giasuddin Mamun as well as a number of prominent leaders of Bangladesh Nationalist Party were having business relations with one of the self-proclaimed killers of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. It said, a large amount of cash belonging to Bangabandhu’s killer was deposited with Arab Bangladesh Bank Limited in Bangladesh.

But the most shocking information that a source claimed is, although Khaleda Zia is still projected as the wife of military dictator Ziaur Rahman, she had secretly married lone of her staffers back in 1990 in Saudi Arabia. The marriage was solemnized in presence of a number of top figures of the Saudi royal family and the marriage certificate was made highly confidential.


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