Turkey’s Caliphate-monger Erdoğan uses women as sex traps for blackmailing


While Turkey’s ruler Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who is spending hundreds of millions of dollars towards building his image as the “neo Sultan” of the Ottoman Empire [read Ottoman Caliphate], he is accused of trafficking of Turkish and foreign women for sex and blackmailing his political opponents. Eminent Turkish journalist and editor of Nordic Monitor, Abdullah Bozkurt in an investigative report has revealed such heinous acts of Erdoğan. But, according to another source, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his intelligence agency have been regularly using females as honey traps and deploys them in establishing intimate relations with foreign dignitaries, where sexual acts of the foreign dignitaries are secretly recorded and later used as blackmailing tools. It is also learned from credible sources that Turkish military hardware manufacturing establishment uses females as honey traps by targeting potential foreign buyers.

Abdullah Bozkurt in his investigative report said: Erdoğan’s private collection of these kinds of tapes was long suspected, and a screenshot of him watching such a video of an opposition leader before his order to release it to social media confirmed it. Serious allegations that he was involved in the collection and distribution of private tapes to undermine his opponents, especially during the election campaigns, were raised by political leaders.

A recent revelation by fugitive Sedat Peker, a former ally of Erdoğan and a convicted mobster, to that effect helped identify one of the pimps used by the president to trap his opponents in sex schemes and leverage that information to get rid of political opposition.

According to Peker, Korkmaz Karaca, a 43-year-old member of the Presidential Economic Policy Council and a deputy chairman of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) responsible for local governance, was a women trafficker who arranged women for sex with politicians. Peker said Karaca reached out to him to silence the family of a young woman who was lured by Karaca to have sex with a politician.

Karaca’s inexplicable accumulation of wealth, quick rise in politics and abrupt shift to Erdoğan’s party from the center-left opposition lend credence to allegations that he was secretly recruited by Erdoğan when he was working with Deniz Baykal, the then-chairman of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP). He was alleged to be the person who gave Erdoğan a video recording of Baykal having sex in an extramarital affair.

The video clip of Baykal in flagrante delicto, posted online on May 10, 2010, sent shockwaves across the Turkish left, ahead of the CHP’s convention, slated for May 22. The CHP leader was hoping to go to the next party congress without any rivals. The video had, however, spoiled Baykal’s plans as he had to resign immediately, calling it a conspiracy and political plot by the government and putting the blame for the emergence of the scandalous video clip on Erdoğan’s ruling party. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu succeeded him as party leader.

Baykal’s lawyers tried to get the video banned and access to it on the Internet blocked but said they had received little or no help from the Erdoğan government. The videos were accessible online for days before the government stepped in to cut access. The videos were first uploaded onto metacafe.com and after a short period of time, the pro-Erdoğan Islamist Akit daily announced the existence of the videos on its website

What is more, the Sabah daily, owned by Erdoğan’s family, ran a headline story revealing the details of the apartment used by Baykal for the extramarital affair that was secretly recorded. The exclusive story, oddly lacking a byline, was apparently leaked by Erdoğan’s office and provided hitherto unknown details of the venue, how the secret camera was installed in an electrical outlet and how the affair was conducted. The publication of the story further implicated Erdoğan and his associates. Mysteriously, the story was deleted from Sabah’s online archive few years later in a move that was interpreted as a bid on the part of Erdoğan to cover his tracks.

In an audio recording uploaded onto YouTube in March 2014, Erdoğan instructed his aides to take a video of Baykal in flagrante delicto and disseminate the footage via the media and the Internet. “Unfortunately, these are very indecent and immoral things. There has to be an intervention here. The CHP has gone completely off the rails,” the voice attributed to Erdoğan is heard telling the people in the room. “We have such things in our hands, a document to be published. If I give it to you, how will you do it? … Will you pass it on to websites?” the person says, and after a pause, possibly a point at which parts of the original recording were edited out, he adds: “All right, let’s do it like this, then. Let me first save it to a hard disk. But the recording is very bad. Will he [Baykal] say it’s fake and the like?”

 Baykal called the sound recording a “big satanic scenario,” implicating Erdoğan as the mastermind of the tape plot and wanted Erdoğan to immediately offer an explanation.

According to information, in addition to deploying Turkish females as honey traps, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his intelligence agency have been regularly hiring females from various foreign nations, including Iran, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Lebanon and some of the South Asian nations and paying them heavily for successfully trapping the trapping the foreign dignitaries and armament buyers. In some cases, Erdoğan’s recruits are sent to foreign countries with similar mission.


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