Pakistani ‘journalist’ wants Afghan floodgate towards the West


Pakistani ‘journalist’ Bhatti’s was a selfish remark at a time when Afghanis are facing the music that has been composed by Pakistan itself. Now the people of Afghanistan will live their lives according to Sharia. Writes Ibn Khayyam

“Stop being the fake contractors [representors] of all the Islamic world”, said Pakistani “journalist” Irshad Bhatti ferociously. But we will return to Bhatti later.

PART 1: The West Must?

Amid the chaos of the non-strategic pullout of NATO forces from Afghanistan, everyone acknowledges the dire fate of the Afghanis, particularly the women: what will follow in the near future is known to those who have kept an eye on Islamic literature and the history of the Taliban. Under Sharia as delivered through the hands of the Taliban, women will be stripped even of their basic rights. Not only they will be stripped of rights, but they’ll be punished harshly for mundane medieval “crimes”.

The West has already taken in a large number of Muslims. Illegal immigration should not be a right-wing issue. It is one of the most salient issues for the West in this century, though most Western nations seem not to acknowledge that. Europe has been colored in the shades of Islam to the point that you may encounter more Muhammads in London than Harrys.

All for what? Because the leaders of the Western world are so deluded that they think every bad thing in the world is done by the white people. It is a parasite that they now carry in their brains. Such bad ideas lead to the death of nations. The West is getting low on will.

So they will take in more immigrants. Had the West turned down all the illegal immigrants, it would have made a lot more sense for the Europeans and Americans to offer help to the Afghanis. The resilient Afghanis who have endured the Taliban for decades are now fleeing to the Kabul Airport. Three died when they fell to the tarmac while they were clinging to a C-17’s gear-box as it took off.

While the West will offer help to the Afghanis suffering under Sharia and the Taliban, other countries also have responsibilities. One of those countries is Pakistan, which shares a 2,670-kilometer-long border with Afghanistan, the Durand Line.

Moreover, Pakistan is, beyond doubt, the country which helped the Taliban all these decades. It was Pakistan that did the dirty job of teaching jihadis in its madrasas, promoting not only jihad, but also giving professional training to jihad terrorists. It was Pakistan that gave asylum to Osama bin Laden in a compound only few kilometers away from an army training camp in Abbottabad; it was there that American troops carried Operation Neptune Spear, in which they killed him. Pakistan received millions of dollars from the US for its promise to help them locate bin Laden. The West forgot this: War is deceit.

Now the West will take in a large number of unvetted Afghan refugees. The West will also let in all the illegal immigrants who arrive on boats. All because the West is guilty narrative has swept across the minds of all too many people in Europe and North America. The people who took man to the moon, who created vaccines, who eradicated the polio virus, who defeated Hitler and the Nazis, who fought the Barbary Wars, are in denial. A very ugly denial.

But Pakistan, according to Irshad Bhatti, must not take in any Afghan refugees. Pakistan must seal its borders. After all the help it delivered to the Taliban, after all the betrayal, and its success in deceiving the West, it must close its gates to the people who are in the dire situation they’re in because Pakistan wanted an ally. And for this allyship, Pakistan covertly hosted Osama bin Laden. After Kabul fell, Pakistan’s dream of having ally at its Durand Line has materialized. An ally that is now hostile towards all infidels, including India.

But if the West can allow in illegal immigrants, some of whom end up stabbing its people, what was wrong with Pakistan giving a little compound to the America’s most wanted?


Referring to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remark about the Taliban takeover that “Afghans broke the shackles of slavery,” the host directed a question to the “journalist” Irshad Bhatti. He protested, “What did we get after twenty years?” This was an odd remark, as Bhatti had already admitted that Pakistan got $32 billion in aid for being an ally to the NATO forces. He went on, “We should not be the fake contractors of the Muslim Umma (nation.)” “We have fought against the Taliban within Pakistan before…first should be Pakistan… get rid of these traitors (pointing towards the US).” He said, “Save Pakistan first.”

He claimed: “We admit that Afghanistan is our neighbor, we admit that Taliban took over… no doubt we should accept them. But do not put all eggs in one basket.” Meaning that we should not count on Afghanistan only. He said this after calling the US and its Western allies liars.

During the show, when another journalist on the panel opined that we should welcome Afghan refugees, Bhatti protested angrily. He said, “We must not welcome any refugees. Not a single one.” He went on to say that Pakistan must seal its borders and must not allow a single soul to enter Pakistan. He retorted, “We must save ourselves.” Whether or not Pakistan will refuse to take Afghan refugees, the fact that a mainstream journalist can opine as Bhatti did on a live show is a lesson for the West. The Western world must also be able to have such opinions without any persecution or prosecution. Nobody will protest Bhatti in Pakistan for saying what he said. He will not be cancelled for this. The parasite of guilt that has entered the Western mind is nonexistent in the rest of the world.

Bhatti’s was a selfish remark at a time when Afghanis are facing the music that has been composed by Pakistan itself. Now the people of Afghanistan will live their lives according to Sharia. Public beheadings will ensue, and women will be punished. A mediaeval clock set on alarm! By the Taliban and Pakistan! It is sooner rather than later that this alarm will go off.


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