Pakistani journalists abducted by notorious ISI


Amir Mir and Imran Shafqat were abducted by notorious Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI Saturday (August 7) morning.

Two Pakistani journalists were abducted by Pakistan’s notorious intelligence agency ISI from Lahore today (August 7) morning.

Journalist Amir Mir, brother of Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir and Journalist Imran Shafqat, who were critical of the Pakistan army, were kidnapped by the ISI.

“FIA Cyber Crimes Wing Lahore kidnapped journalist Amir Mir in Lahore this morning, snatched his phone and laptop. We came to know about his location after 5 hours. FIA also arrested another journalist Syed Shafqat Imran this morning from Lahore”, posted Hamid Mir on microblogging platform Twitter.

Pakistani journalist Najam Sethi posted “The disappearance of two reputed journalists today is another blot on this hybrid regime. At a time when the country is in the eye of a gathering storm at home and in the region, why are we recklessly bent on portraying ourselves as a rogue regime?”

Some also suggested that Amir Mir has been abducted to silence Hamid Mir. Shama Junejo posted “Strongly condemn the arrest of Imran Shafqat & kidnapping of #AmirMir which has now turned to his arrest by FIA after immense social media pressure. We all know that Amir is @HamidMirPAK ‘s brother. That’s enough to persecute Amir to punish Hamid Mir.”

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, chairman of Pakistan People’s Party, posted “Strongly condemn the arrest of journalists #AmirMir and #ImranShafqat . Imran Khan continues victimization of political opponents and media critics to hide his incompetence and failures. Demand release immediately”.


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