Muslim nations set to normalize relations with Israel


Several Muslim nations are actively considering normalizing relations with Israel. Meanwhile, Israeli side has also expressed optimism about such efforts. Recently, Israeli ambassador in Singapore, Sagi Karni told Reuters news agency, Israel is willing to work towards establishing ties with Southeast Asia’s Muslim majority nations.

According to diplomatic sources, although several Southeast Asian Muslim nations had condemned Israeli airstrike on Gaza, they are already feeling frustrated with mega-terror outfit Hamas’s statements rejecting any peaceful solution to the Israel-Palestinian crisis. Copying Iranian agenda, Hamas leadership has vowed to eliminate Israel from the global map, drive-away Jews from the Middle East and topple-down rulers in the Middle Eastern nations, including Saudi Arabia. With Hamas openly proclaiming its affiliations with Iran, countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Jordan have turned worried and are showing signs of abandoning their decade-old blind support towards Palestinians, if the Palestinians will fail to defeat Hamas and eliminate this mega-terrorist outfit.

Reuters, quoting Ambassador Sagi Karni said, the criticism from the three nations’ leaders was not honest and ignored the true nature of the conflict, which was between Israel and Hamas and not the Palestinian people.

He said, “Hamas is an anti-Semitic [and mega terrorist] organization. I’m not sure that many of the people participating in social media debates truly understand the radical and fascist nature of Hamas.

Ambassador Karni said, Israel acknowledged there were civilian casualties during the 11-day war, but that the only way for any party to have meaningful influence over what happens in the Middle East was by establishing relations with Israel.

“We are willing to talk, we are willing to meet, and the door is open as far as we are concerned. I don’t think it’s so difficult to find us,” he said.

Israel has embassies in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Myanmar, among other countries in Asia.

Four Arab states – the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco – agreed last year to normalize relations with Israel under US-brokered deals. Meanwhile, there is positive signs of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia soon and the Kingdom has already opened its sky to the Israeli airlines. Saudi Arabia also is allowing private-level businesses with Israel.

Meanwhile, Hamas has been using Pakistan in pursuing the Muslim nations in refraining from normalizing relations with the Jewish State. A failed state Pakistan has decade-old bondage with Hamas terrorists.


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