Pro-militancy Islamist hate-preacher Twaha exposed


Pro-militancy and pro-Caliphate Islamist hate-preacher Afsanul Haque Adnan alias Abu Twaha and members of his family along with his first wife had played foul with the entire nation by making-up the false story of his so-called disappearance and had made nefarious bid of putting the blame on country’s law enforcement agencies. After making an end to the self-made drama, Abu Twaha came out from hiding and told reporters that he had willingly gone into hiding as he was facing pressure from both of his wives as well as their families.

Twaha returned to his father-in-law’s house on June 18, making an end to his self-hiding.

According to police sources, Twaha made-up the story of disappearance and on purpose went into hiding to generate false propaganda against the government and law enforcement agencies.

Meanwhile, vernacular daily Jugantor in its report said, Twaha’s family came to know about his hiding immediately after his second wife held a press conference.

Seeking anonymity, a highly-placed source told this correspondent, Abu Twaha and his family members had made up the entire story with the ulterior motive of putting the government under pressure from home and abroad, as part of revenge for government’s actions against the members of pro-Caliphate Hefazat-e-Islam. The source further said, Abu Twaha maintains links with local militancy groups while he also reportedly has connections with Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba and Hamas. Twaha has been actively working in recruiting Bangladeshi nationals for joining Hamas in Gaza.

It is also learned, before going into hiding Abu Twaha had assigned few of his followers and relatives to start propaganda against the government with the false claim of his disappearance. Accordingly, as Twaha went into hiding, some of his followers started propaganda mostly on the social media platforms while others began contacting local and international media. As Twaha nefarious conspiracy has been foiled, members of law enforcement agencies are now searching pro-Twaha propaganda contents on social media.


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