Iranian IRGC investing heavily in tourism industry


Taking advantage of the crisis in the tourism industry due to the pandemic, Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps or IRGC had been investing millions of dollars in buying various tourism-industry-linked business establishments in a number of nations including the Philippines. According to credible sources, under cover IRGC operatives have been buying dozens of bars, pubs, nightclubs, resorts and even massage parlors in Manila and other tourist destination districts in the Philippines. Although authorities are considering such purchases as positive signs thinking investors are still showing interest in country’s tourism industry despite the fact of acute crisis due to the pandemic, IGRC’s acquiring properties and businesses in the Philippines have dangerous hidden agenda. It is also learned, pro-Iran terrorist entities such as Hezbollah and Hamas are partners in some of the projects acquired by IRGC in the Philippines.

One of the key reasons behind IRGC’s interest in the Philippines is to financially and logistically sponsor radical Islamic militancy groups in the country, particularly in Mindanao province, while also expand Shiite influence in the country. At the same time, by establishing dominance over the tourism industry in the Philippines, IRGC, Hezbollah and Hamas would later start implementing much dangerous agendas of causing maximum damage to the tourists from the western and “non-Muslim” nations. Within next 3-4 years, Philippines may ultimately turn into one of the key footholds of the Shiite terrorists as well as Hamas, Islamic State and similar outfits.

According to our source, during the last one and half years, Iranian nationals have purchased dozens of bars, pubs, nightclubs, resorts and even massage parlors in various parts of the Philippines and the trend is still continuing in full swing. In each of the outlets, Iranians are refusing to recruit Muslims, which already has exposed their ulterior motives. It is anticipated that Iranians and their terrorist proxies may use these outlets for multiple crimes, which would include abduction of foreigners, slow-poisoning, and even transmitting HIV virus within the western and “non-Muslim” tourists. Another agenda of Iran is to recruit spies to gather sensitive information on existing relations between the Philippines and the US. The source further added that major portion of the invested amount in the Philippines are entering the country through illegal channels.

It may be mentioned here that during the past several years, use of various types of narcotics, including meth or yaba pills have turned into a major problem for the country. President Rodrigo Duterte has been continuing massive actions against the drug traffickers and dealers in the country. It is believed that Hezbollah and Hamas may also join in the underworld drug network and further spread the use of drugs within the Filipino society.

Philippines is one of the major tourist destinations in Asia, which draws millions of tourists from around the world, including South Korea and China every year.

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