Clubs in Dhaka outlaw film actress Pori Moni


Finally, the controversy centering film actress Pori Moni has taken new shape. Majority of the club authorities in Dhaka and other parts of the country have reportedly decided to ban Pori Moni from entering those establishments as she has already been proved to be a trouble-maker. Meanwhile, several newspapers and portals in Bangladesh, including Bangla Insider has raise question about Pori Moni’s own residence where she is having a “huge bar” containing foreign liquors. For any individual, such acts are punishable offense. Few months ago, authorities concerned raided the residence of controversial businessman Aziz Mohammed Bhai and confiscated large volume of foreign liquors from his residence. Subsequently cases were filed against him in this regard. But in the case of Pori Moni, there has been no such actions. People have already started asking – is Pori Moni above the law?

It is also reported in the local media that during each of her foreign tours, most of which were private ones, Pori Moni spent huge amount of money.

According to media reports, in the CCTV footage it is seen, controversial actress Pori Moni slapping and kicking a staff of Gulshan All Community Club, although Pori Moni has earlier flatly denied any such allegations stating, allegations of Gulshan All Community Club were totally baseless.

Illegal bar inside the residence of controversial actress Pori Moni.

Meanwhile, following publication of investigative reports in Blitz, National Board of Revenue has decided to initiate investigation into the source of income of Pori Moni. The report said: National Board of Revenue (NBR) is set to re-check the actual amount of annual income of Pori Moni, including details of her wealth as well as bank accounts in Bangladesh and abroad.

It may be mentioned here that in 2019, Pori Moni bought a Royale Blue Maserati brand of the Italian elite car manufacturer Fiat Automobiles, by spending at least BDT 35 million. She bought this expensive car when she was sitting idly due to COVID and crisis in the Bangla film industry.

While Pori Moni spent over BDT 35 million in buying a super-luxury car, she has been regularly dodging income tax. According to the National Board of Revenue, Pori Moni shows her annual income in between BDT 5-6 million only. When asked, how an actress, whose annual income is just BDT 5-6 million could afford to buy a super-luxury car by spending more than BDT 35 million, an official of the National Board of Revenue said, “She has been concealing her real income and dodging income tax”, while seeking anonymity, a leading film producer said, “She definitely is not earning such a huge amount from film. She must have some secret source of income”.

The source further said that majority of the actors and actresses of Bangladeshi film and drama circles are regularly dodging income tax. The official suggested formation of a special team to launch string operations to unearth the amount of undeclared wealth of these individuals.

Meanwhile, our correspondents in United Arab Emirates, Thailand, United States, India, Nepal, Singapore and few other countries have already started investigating with various hotels, restaurants and resorts to identify the amount Pori Moni has spent during her tours in those countries. The same sources also are seeking help from the financial investigation agencies to know if the actress has any account with foreign banks.

Islamists using the Pori Moni issue

Taking undue advantage of Pori Moni issue, several Islamist groups in Bangladesh have already started demanding a total ban on club culture in the country, including outlawing consumption of alcoholic beverage and holding of DJ parties. Some Islamist forces even are going further by demanding immediate closure of those properties. For a country like Bangladesh, which already has emerged into the economic star of Asia, such orthodoxy and religious bigotry would be seriously counter-productive.

Meanwhile some over-enthusiastic individuals and fans and friends of Pori Moni have started using the issue in favor of the Islamists and anti-secularist forces in the country.

Government needs to immediately initiative proper investigation into the case of Pori Moni and check as to how she has been maintaining a huge bar at her residence and how she has been dodging income tax for years.

Detective Branch to take legal actions against Pori Moni

Additional commissioner of detective branch of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, AKM Hafiz Akhtar, has said legal action would be taken if they get any specific allegation of vandalism in All Community Club by movie actress Pori Moni.

“We have not yet received any specific allegation. We will definitely take action if we receive any allegation,” Hafiz told newsmen at a press conference at DMP media center.

Asked if Pori Moni would be interrogated regarding the alleged incident of vandalism in the said club, Hafiz said, “We’ve discussed the matter with Uttara DC (deputy commissioner). We would let you know about it later”.

When asked about questions raised about the authenticity of allegations brought out by Pori Moni and if these questions would be taken into account during investigation, Hafiz said, “As the case is under trial, everything would be examined. We would interrogate repeatedly and it would be clear after investigation”.

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