Hamas donation cash goes towards dating with girls


Following the recent Israel-Hamas war Palestinian envoys in various countries sought donation from various individuals, organizations as well as militancy outfits. According to information, Palestinian envoy in Bangladesh contacted leaders of pro-Caliphate Hefazat-e-Islam seeking financial and logistic help for the “people of Gaza”. Earlier, several Gazans had claimed such donations were misappropriated by the Palestinian envoys. Now Detective Branch of Dhaka Metropolitan Police has arrested a youth named Yasin Arafat Faysal for spending donations he has been receiving for Gazans towards dating with his girlfriends.

According to Bangladesh Police source, Yasin Arafat Faysal opened a Facebook account under the name of Abdullah Al Faysal and used someone else’s photo to hide his identity. Faysal although is a student of a college in Dinajpur district had falsely claimed himself as a student of Rajshahi University. The youth was posting pro-Hamas, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda materials on his fake Facebook ID. In the same ID, Faysal mentioned the name of Palestinian envoy Yusaf Saleh Y Ramadan and provided BKash and Rocket money transaction account details with the appeal of sending cash donations to those accounts.

In his real ID on Facebook, Yasin Arafat Faysal falsely claimed to be working with BKash.

Police sources said, Faysal used the photograph of Palestinian envoy Yusaf Saleh Y Ramadan along with BKash and Rocket account details with the appeal of sending donations for the “people of Palestine in Gaza”. Hundreds of people had sent cash donations to those accounts and Yasin Arafat Faysal continued spending those amounts towards several girls. He took girls to various hotels and resorts and spent lavishly in dating with them. He also spent the received donation amount in buying alcoholic beverages and hiring prostitutes.

According to sources, a large number of individuals including several members of militancy outfits such as Hizbut Tahrir, Ansar al Islam, Jamaatul Mujahedin Bangladesh etcetera are collecting fund for Gazans through accounts of social media platforms.

It said, being moved by anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda, people were generously donating cash for Gazans and Hamas with the hope of their donations would reach Palestinians.

Another source said, Gaza is under control of Hamas, while Palestinian missions in various countries are under the control of Fatah. Naturally such donations are sent to Ramallah instead of Gaza and finally it is never reaching the Gazans.

The source added, Palestinian envoys in various countries are not clarifying the complexities in Gaza, where they actually have no control. Moreover, Hamas has been receiving donations through separate channels, where in most cases, militancy outfits as well as Iranian embassies are collecting donations for Gazans and such funds are directly transferred to Hamas through illegal channels.

Iranian embassies in different countries are helping Hamas in collecting donations.

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