Jihadist forces turn increasingly desperate in United Kingdom


This is the London, and the Britain – United Kingdom, that British authorities. This is the London they have made. Now all they have to do is live in it.

Brexit leader Nigel Farage declared that “London in 2021 is not a safe place to be” following footage emerging of pro-Palestinian activists attacking a car during a demonstration against Israel on Saturday.  

London’s Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) said that the National Demonstration for Palestine passed without “any significant incidents”. However, in a statement, the Met did corroborate footage shared online of a band of Palestinian flag-waving thugs attacking a car that was passing by.

MyLondon reported on the incident, and the video was also shared on social media by Vivian Aisen, a diplomat and the director of public diplomacy at the Embassy of Israel in London.

Ms Aisen wrote on Twitter in the post accompanying the footage: “Crazy people walking free in the streets of London! #Hamas #ISIS #MuslimBrotherhood #Palestinian Islamic Jihad #Hezbollah #Iran: they are all the same. Jihad led ideologies, fighting the Western civilisation and the Judeo-Christian ethics. We need to fight back!”

According to Breitbart News Scotland Yard added that officers were also assaulted with makeshift missiles during the protest.

In total, police arrested seven men during the anti-Israel demonstration, with three arrested for violent disorder, two for going equipped to steal, one homophobic public order offence, and one racially aggravated public order offence.

Following hours of speeches in Hyde Park from Muslim and leftist activists, as well as from far-left Labour Party MPs including former leader Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Naz Shah, and Zarah Sultana, groups of activists began roaming the streets of the British capital.

The case of a notorious anti-Semite pro-jihadist Briton

In Britain’s Bangalee migrant dominated area, a woman named Lupin Mustereen Sipar is actively working against secularism and supporting mega-terror outfit Hamas as well as notorious Islamic State. She even dreams of turning UK into a ‘Caliphate’ and murder non-Muslims in the name of jihad.

Sipar’s maternal grandfather Abu Masud was a Pakistani collaborator and following tragic assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Masud arranged a celebration party at his home in Sylhet town. Masud was an active member of anti-Awami League Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JSD).

Now his granddaughter Lupin Mustereen Sipar is spreading anti-Semitism and jihad within Muslim community in Britain.

Seeing a news report on Bangladesh government’s decision of omitting “except Israel” words from the passport, Lupin Mustareen Sipar from her Facebook ID used extremely abusive words against internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-militancy journalist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury and his family. Sipar commented: “How can you be proud of someone who helps lift ban on Isreal [Israel] travel? Your brother is helping Isreal by funding more money into their economy so in return they use that money to commit genocide on the people of Palestine! If you’ve seen the past weeks news you’ll know that Isreal [Israel] has killed more than 250 people including women and children. They’re bombed Al Aqsa mosque and captured Gaza. I hope you and your entire family go to hell! If you had one ounce of humanity in your soul you wouldn’t have posted this or even supported your brother. Funny thing is, I’m not surprised at how low your family can stoop to get some attention. I hope you and your family rots in hell”.

It is also learned, Sipar joined pro-Hamas rallies in London and chanted anti-Israel and anti-Jew slogan. She even went further by calling for starting jihad against Jews in Britain.

British authorities and intelligence agencies, including London MET Police should immediately investigate Lupin Mustereen Sipar and members of this woman’s family. For Britain, such individuals are dangerous as they may even become much more vulnerable than jihad-preacher Anzem Chaudhry.

Meanwhile colleagues of a policewoman who publicly supported Palestinians during a demonstration believe she may escape dismissal because officers who took the knee during Black Lives Matter protests last year faced no sanctions.

PC Nusheen Jan was recorded shouting, ‘Free, Free Palestine’, while on duty at a rally in Central London last weekend.

Senior officers are now considering whether to bring a gross misconduct charge against the 20-year-old, who is from South-East London and of Iraqi origin.

One Met Police officer said: ‘A lot of officers have no patience for it but how can they sack her when officers were taking the knee at BLM protests last year?’

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