Angolan people suffer under João Lourenço


President João Lourenço clearly is failing in ensuring good governance to his people! According to media reports, traffic lights installed in the city of Luanda have been inoperative for more than a month, a situation that causes disruption to road traffic, especially during rush hours. Although the Provincial Government of Luanda recently became the new manager of traffic lights in the capital, Joana Lina has not yet created an office for its management.

Novo Jornal said, whoever wants to reach the downtown area of wants to leave the city of Luanda for the periphery, in the early hours of the day or in the afternoon, will face long lines of cars due to the inoperation of the traffic lights.

In another report, Angolan media said, the municipalities of Luanda, Viana, Belas, Talatona and Kilamba Kiaxi, in the province of Luanda are deprived of supply of drinking water due to the heaps of organic waste that have reached the treatment plants.

According to a note from the Luanda Public Water Company, without specifying that this situation is a result of constraints in garbage collection in Luanda in recent months, the problem is in the distribution centers of Luanda southeast, Kikuxi 1 and 2 and Calumbo.

Meanwhile there are series of bad news coming from Angola, although such information is largely not available to international readers because of non-availability of English contents.

The investigation into the death of the former head of Movicel’s Finance Department, Marcia dos Santos, who was stabbed to death by unidentified assailants continues to remain in dark.

According to Novo Journal, six months after the brutal murder, a source from the Central Criminalistics Laboratory assured the Novo Jornal that the expertise of the Criminal Investigation Service failed to identify identities of the killers.

Although the crime took place six months ago, the investigations conducted by the Criminal Investigation Service has not been able to find any headway to its ongoing investigation, which has generated anger amongst the citizen of Luanda.

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