Pro-Hefazat YouTube channels spreads lies against Bangladesh Police


A notorious channel on video sharing platform YouTube has been spreading lies against Bangladesh Police with the nefarious agenda of spreading anti-Indian sentiment in the country.

Investigative team of BLiTZ has found a YouTube channel named ‘Islamer Khuti’. On April 20, 2021 this channel has uploaded a content titled ‘ভারতীয় পুলিশ দিয়ে উলঙ্গ করে পিটিয়েছে মামুনুল হককে’ (Mamunul Haque stripped and beaten by Indian police). This content has already been viewed by over 153,000 people. Title of this propaganda video clearly proves – operators of this YouTube channel, who definitely are inclined towards Hefazat-e-Islam and other Islamist and militancy forces, has agenda of spreading lies against the government and law enforcement agencies.

The content of ‘Islamer Khuti’ channel has also been republished in another Islamist YouTube channel named ‘Holy Tv24’, which has been viewed just in one day by over one million people.

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In the video the speaker is seen giving totally false and imaginary description of Hefazat-e-Islam leader Mamunul Haque’s arrest. On seeing the total concocted description, anyone can easily understand, such contents are being published with nefarious agenda of misleading people as well as generate public anger.

Such provocative content can not only mislead the mass people, especially those in the rural areas, it will only generate wrong impression about the members of Bangladesh Police.

The same channel has published dozens of contents in favor of arrested Hefazat-e-Islam leaders. Most disturbing fact is – such contents are being viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.

On April 18, 2021, ‘Islamer Khuti’ uploaded a video content by Amir Hamza, in favor of arrested Hefazat leaders have been viewed by almost nine hundred thousand people. This channel has been consistently publishing antigovernment contents.

There are a number of cybercrime units of Bangladesh Police. But no action has been taken against these notorious YouTube channels, despite publication of series of reports about these channels as well as few other individuals and groups, who are involved into notorious activities against the government and the law enforcement agencies.

Blitz team has already identified several antigovernment YouTube channels, such as:

AUTV News 24, Alif TV Official, Jadid Media, Islamic Life, Azombdtv, Waz Vision BD, Noor Islamic Media, MHR Bangla Waz, Bangla Media, Alor Bahar, BD Islam HD, New Waz Media, Muslim TV, Waz Official, Holy TV24, 24 News BD etcetera.

While law enforcement agencies should take immediate action against these dangerous channels on YouTube, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) can also start blocking these channels so that these antigovernment channels won’t be able to continue spreading lies and propaganda.

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