Prince Philip, a relative of Hitler’s Nazi men


In an investigative documentary film titled ‘The Crown’, Prince Philip, who recently died had dived into his personal life, examining Philip’s past and present demons. Shown as a cheating, partying womanizer, Philip in real life was linked to numerous women – including two cabaret dancers.

The controversy swirling around the Prince doesn’t stop there. When Philip was just 18 months old, his family fled Greece after the monarchy toppled. In 1930, when he was 9 years old and away at Cheam School in Britain, his mother suffered a nervous breakdown, all his sisters married within 6 months of each other (two marrying high-ranking Nazi officials) and his father ran away to Monaco with his mistress.

While Prince Philip, age 16, was still at Gordonstoun, his sister Cecilie died tragically in a plane crash. At her funeral in Germany he marched next to men in Nazi uniforms. Philip has never confirmed the family’s Nazi ties, but none of his sisters were invited to his 1947 royal wedding to Queen Elizabeth. In the book “Royals and the Reich,” Philip told author Jonathan Petropolous that his family was jealous of Jewish people for their financial success, but he didn’t recall specific Nazi connections. Here the Prince had lied. In reality, his sisters were married to Nazi officers.

Nazi fan British royals

In October 1937, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor visited Hitler at Berchtesgaden, where Hitler had been vacationing since the 1920s. According to biographer Frances Donaldson, in her book “Edward VIII”, the Duke gave Hitler full Nazi salutes during his visit. While some say this trip was more to receive support for Edward and his wife, the Duke’s actions speak louder than hypotheses. The royal family did not support this visit.

Just after the war, American diplomats uncovered 400 tons of German diplomatic papers, at Marburg Castle. Named the Marburg files, they included a cache of documents damaging to the royal family called the “Windsor File”—some 60 documents (letters, telegrams and other papers) written by people working around the Duke, including German agents, during the war.

Among these documents are details of the Nazis-devised plan “Operation Willi,” where the Germans would gain control of Britain and overthrow the monarchy, returning the Duke to the throne. The Germans viewed the Duke, who was perceived to be ambivalent about the war, as a better ally than his successor King George VI. In order to get the Duke on their side, German agents tried to manipulate the ostracized royal, even attempting to convince the Duke that his brother, King George, had plans to assassinate him. The documents were leaked to the British government, which tried to suppress them.

Prince Philip marching with Nazi forces

When WWII started, the Duke was made a major-general in France; but Winston Churchill, aware of Edward’s pro-Nazi sentiments, sent him to be the governor of the Bahamas. But the Duke and Duchess of Windsor did not comply right away, instead spending time in Lisbon and Madrid—during which time the Nazis devised “Operation Willi.” In the end, the Duke ended up in the Bahamas and the Nazis never succeeded in overthrowing the crown.

In 1946, Britain, France and the United States agreed to work together to process the Marburg files, appointing top historians from each country to oversee the project. Despite British efforts to continue to hide the truth, Americans released the documents in 1957.

Nazi-filled childhood of Prince Phillip

According to documentary evidences, Prince Philip had a Nazi-filled childhood and he also was a great fan of Hitler. He lived in Germany with his sister, who also was a Nazi. Philip took part in parade with Nazis. Although Buckingham Palace denied these facts – in reality – all of the information is extremely true. Philip, the son of a broken – yet royal – household, was passed around to numerous European branches of his family during his youth, eventually ending up in Nazi Germany. His sisters married into the German aristocracy, and many became closely tied to the Nazi party. One of them, Sophie, even named her child Karl Adolf in honor of Adolf Hitler.

When Philip’s sister Cecile was killed in a 1937 air crash, Philip was photographed at her funeral in the German city of Darmstadt alongside Nazis.

Prince Philip’s family members were directly linked to Hitler and Nazis. During his early age, Philip also was a great fan of Hitler.

While most of the media outlets in the world are shedding tears and publishing obituaries following death of Prince Philip, being a sensible and individual, no one should show any sympathy to this Nazi supporter. Moreover, we need to know – Philip was one of the masterminds behind the murder of Princess Diana.

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