Wave of Islamization turning churches into mosques in the West


A disturbing wave of Islamization has been continuing in the western nations, including Britain, Canada, Australia and the US. Afro-Arab sources are providing hundreds of millions of dollars to Muslim groups in the west in buying churches and converting those into mosques, while the local authorities and Christian rights groups are maintaining surprising silence. According to information, only in Canada, during the past 20 years, dozens of churches have been converted into mosques, while Canadian Muslims are considering these cases as a “sign of Islamic conquest”.

In Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s notoriety of converting Hagia Sophia church into mosque has already drawn attention of the international community, while such concerns have failed in having any impact on neo-Sultan Erdogan, who still is dreaming of reviving the Ottoman Caliphate and bring the world under its dominance. Hagia Sophia [also known as Hagia Sofia] in Istanbul, Turkey was a church built by the Byzantine empire, which was forcefully turned into mosque by the Ottomans.

Wembley Central Mosque in Northwest London was a church, which had later been bought by the Muslims and converted into mosque.

In Canada, a church located at 56 Boustead Ave, Toronto was converted into Jamil Mosque.

Back in 2012, the long-standing Lincoln Road United Church has been sold and the historic building that was erected 100 years ago for Protestant Christians will now serve Windsor’s Muslim community. The church was transformed into a mosque and a madrassa [Koranic school] and named as Masjid Noor Ul Islam Madressa and Cultural Center of Windsor.

The Lincoln Road United Church, constructed in 1915 as a Methodist Church was sold in February 2012 for under US$ 500,000 – significantly less than the United Church’s original asking price of US$ 895,000. Commenting on this sale, Ross Mitton, chair of the finance and property committee of the United Church Essex Presbytery told reporters, “It was very sad when we closed but our resources were dwindling and the congregation was getting older and reducing in size. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough of the next generation – and I’m talking about 60 years old – taking the (church director) positions. So, it had to close”.

Prior to buying the church and expanding its area, the Masjid Noor Ul Islam Madressa and Cultural Center of Windsor, which was established in 1983 was a longtime neighbor of the church, and was operating in a cramped house in the 700 block of Lincoln Road for years.

According to statistics, the Muslim population in Windsor and Essex County has been growing fast, similarly as Muslim population in other parts of the country.

The first Windsor mosque opened in a house on Wellington Road in 1960. The mosque at Dominion and Northwood, now the area’s largest, began in 1969 and expanded in 1993.

According to Statistics Canada, in 1991 the Christian population in Windsor was about 167,000, the Muslim population was 3,400, and the number of people who listed no religious affiliation was 15,000. By 2011 (according to the last National Household Survey), Windsor’s Christian population was 144,000, the Muslim population was 14,000, and those who listed no religion was 42,000.

The first Windsor mosque opened in a house on Wellington Road in 1960. The mosque at Dominion and Northwood, now the area’s largest, began in 1969 and expanded in 1993.

The trend with Christian church closings and turning into mosques in very alarming. In Windsor alone, until 2015, closings include: Assumption, Our Lady of the Rosary, St. Barnabas, St. Rose, St. Anne’s, Christ the King, and others.

According to Churchleadership.org, about 4,000 churches a year close in the United States, compared to perhaps 1,000 that start up.

Muslim population growing in Chatham

Chatham Islamic Centre opened a new building in the former St. James Presbyterian Church in February 2021. According to sources, community leaders had to buy the church and convert into mosque as the size of Muslim community in Chatham is expanding very fast.

Ever since a segment of Muslim population started moving to Chatham from Toronto, the size of the community continued growing from dozens to hundreds and now thousands.

Back in 2019, an old church in Canada’s city of Surrey, in state of British Colombia, which was established in 1947 was sold and turned into a mosque.

Al Mustafa International University bought the church for 1 million dollars from its board of trustees after they decided to sell the property. They cited lack of enough churchgoers which had reduced from 200 to hardly dozens. Both Muslims and Indian Sikhs rushed to buy the property and Muslims won the bid.

In 2012, a church in Germany was purchased by Muslims and converted into mosque. It was purchased by the Islamic Center Al Nour in Hamburg, Germany, and converted into a mosque to accommodate Al Nour’s 2,000 congregants.

According to a 2015 report of the Religious Studies Media and Information Service of Germany, there was roughly four million Muslims in the country, although by some estimates only half were practicing. By now, the size of the Muslim population must have increased significantly. That means, Muslims make up more than 5 percent of the German population.

The number of Christians in Germany has been shrinking since the 1990s, while those professing no religion have grown to over 27 million. On July 17 2015, the assembly of Roman Catholic bishops in Germany announced that almost 218,000 Germans had left their church in 2014 alone, the largest annual loss since at least 1990.


The way Muslim population is increasing in the western nations and gradually churches are being converted into mosques – within next five decades, Muslims will not only become dominant in the society but they also will have significant control in country’s politics. Meaning, western nations are being gradually hijacked by Islam. Can this trend be stopped? The unfortunate reply is negative. One of the key reasons is – money power. Muslim charities are generously donating hundreds of millions of dollars in building mosques and Islamic establishments in the world. They also are buying secular media outlets – in the western nations and the world. This Ramadan, for example, the amount of zakat [Muslim charity] collected throughout the world will exceed US$ 50 billion. And, major portion of this money will be spent towards further expanding the influence of Islam.

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