Erdoğan’s Caliphate ambition expands in South Asian


Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is aggressively pushing forward his notorious ambition of establishing Ottoman Caliphate in he is proceeding with the dangerous agenda of Islamizing the entire South Asian region. According to media reports, a Turkish group has been running multiple projects in Nepal, especially in areas close to the Indian border, to broaden the support base among the country’s minority Muslim community and expand logistical operations in support of global jihadist networks.

An al-Qaeda linked-charity group from Turkey has been working with Islami Sangh Nepal (ISN), which is under the scanner of counterterrorism and intelligence agencies for allegedly providing sanctuary to terrorists, to expand its logistical hub for jihadist networks.

Nepal turning into jihadist hub

Even in the near past, none of the neighboring nations in South Asia were aware of the Himalayan nation was turning into the biggest hub of radical Islamic jihadists. During 2003, it was learnt that Al Qaeda was already using mountainous areas in Nepal as hideouts and training camps. Such information had first been revealed through few of my investigative reports. But, most of the counterterrorism organizations in South Asia – including the Indian intelligence were rather reluctant in taking the matter seriously. But now- though after almost two decades, Nepal’s turning into a massive jihadist hub has become a headache to those agencies.

Everyone now knows – Nepal has become the biggest hub of jihadists. Most of these jihadist groups are having links either with Pakistan-based jihadist groups or Pakistani spy agency – Inter Service Intelligence. The US State Department in s report said – radical Islamic militancy groups in South Asia are using Nepal as a safe have for plotting and executing terrorism attacks inside India as well as other countries such as Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. These jihadist groups were although mainly receiving fund and training from Pakistan – for the past few years, Turkey has also been providing cash, training, weapons and explosives to these outfits.

Conglomerate of Islamists and jihadists in Nepal

Although Nepal has not witnessed any major terrorist attack, counterterrorism experts say, radical Islamist and jihadist outfits such as Tablighi Jamaat, Islami Sangh, Al Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent, Hizbul Mujahidin and few more groups are using Nepal’s mountainous areas as training bases. Despite the fact of ideological conflicts amongst some of these Islamist and jihadist groups, they have reached into a common agreement of providing mutual cooperation – as their mission is Islamizing Nepal, where size of the Muslim population is now above five percent – as well use the country as the launchpad of jihadist activities.

Indian intelligence agencies are yet to accept the fact of the spread of radical Islamic and jihadist groups in Nepal. But according to counterterrorism experts, rise of radical Islamic forces inside Nepal would ultimately become a huge headache for most of the South Asian nations – especially India and Sri Lanka.


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