Saudi Arabia should withdraw investment from the US


The new administration in Washington – those leftist conspirators clearly are engaging into monkey-business by falsely raising finger at Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman. The leftist nexus in the US and their band of yellow journalists and rogue investigators are most possibly making a fresher bid of blackmailing the Saudi Crown Prince by imposing unjustified sanctions. We need to recall here, back in November 2018, the US Treasury Department had imposed sanction of 17 Saudi officials under the pretext of Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act – an evil instrument, which empowers the western politicians in stealing wealth of the targeted individuals or organization. Under the 2018 sanctions, Saudi nationals were barred from entering the United States, while their US-based assets and financial transactions were frozen. Such acts are clearly an American-styled robbery under false pretexts.

According to a credible source in Capitol Hill, American policymakers are planning to impose similar sanctions on at least 76 unnamed Saudi individuals by falsely accusing them of being “involved into Jamal Khashoggi murder”. Band of pro-left yellow journalists and media outlets in the US are frantically pushing forward their evil agenda of using Jamal Khashoggi case as an effective tool of intimidating dozens of Saudi officials by imposing sanctions and robbing-off their assets under the pretext of sanctions. Their actions resemble those of America’s Al Capone.

The source further added, the declassified US intelligence report has clearly said – the officials of the US intelligence “do not know how far in advance the Crown Prince” has any involvement behind the murder of Khashoggi. It even does not have any evidence on “precise logistical involvement of specific Saudi security and intelligence apparatuses”. Additionally, the report does not say whether the US intelligence knew in advance of any threats to Jamal Khashoggi.

Despite such facts, the US intelligence and the leftist politicians and media are unethically trying to blackmail the Saudi Crown Prince and several members of the Saudi government and intelligence agencies.

It may be mentioned here that, Jamal Khashoggi was a member of Muslim Brotherhood and an active aide of Osama Bin Laden.

Mad propaganda versus absence of pro-Saudi media

For decades, Saudi and Arab nationals have invested heavily in various media outlets as well as big tech companies in the western nations, including the United States, without realizing a plain fact – these outlets would enthusiastically participate in any and all foul bids of the western and American politicians against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern nations. We are witnessing with utter dismay, when American and western media are competing in demonizing the Saudi Crown Prince by taking undue advantage of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, majority of the media outlets in the Muslim nations too are playing the role of the mouthpiece of their western masters. In this case, BLiTZ, being a newspaper with the courage of confronting lies has been exhibiting the example of unbiased and responsible journalism. We are the only non-Saudi newspaper in the world, that has been consistently confronting evil propaganda against the Saudi Crown Prince and the Kingdom.

With this bitter experience of western media’s rogue role, Saudi Arabia and those Middle Eastern countries should now realize – it is a clear blunder of investing tons of cash into business ventures and properties in the US and the western countries. A diligent leader like Crown Prince Salman may now start focusing on Muslim nations, and effectively help neutral and unbiased media outlets in the Muslim nations in emerging as powerful voice in the world.


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