Saudi Crown Prince, a target of Western leftist nexus


For the last two years, evil nexus of Western leftist groups has waged an outrageous war against Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman. Their unholy conspiracy against the Saudi Crown Prince is because he already has emerged as a leader par excellence and the launch of the Vision 2030 project constituted a milestone in the Middle East region, when it was mired in problems, complications and mismanagement of its wealth in one way or other and thus serving the interests of multiple international bodies.

Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman and his Vision 2030 visibly has become a potential threat to those powers that act as balances of power, not only at the regional level, but also at the global level. Implementation of Crown Prince Salman’s Vision 2030 will empower the entire Middle Eastern region in particular as well as the Muslim world in general. This will bring an end of the decades of Western hostility in the Middle East and their greedy agenda of making cash by plotting, instigating and funding terrorism under different disguise within the region. Nexus of Western leftist evils do not want a real leader like Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman finally emerge as the icon of hope, confidence and self-reliance to the entire Arab world.

Western leftist nexus knows – Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman is going to liberate the entire Arab world from the hostility and wrong-hood of those jackals from the anti-Arab forces in the western countries. Western leftist nexus is willing to see the Middle Eastern nations remain as prisoners of their whims and they want to rule and loot the Middle Eastern and Arab nations under various excuses – time and again. They do not want Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s Vision 2030 to succeed. Instead – they want Saudi Arabia and rest of the Middle Eastern nations to follow western prescriptions, which would continue decades of wrong practices of the westerners in maintaining their dominance over the Arab world. Although westerners are takers – they want to pretend to be givers or at least lords of the Arab populace.

Time has come for the entire Middle Eastern nations to understand the importance of a leader like Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman. They need to extend fullest support towards his brilliant visions – including the Vision 2030.


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