Orchestrated propaganda against ruler of Dubai


After failing to defame the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, infamous half-sister of King of Jordan, Princess Haya bint al-Hussein [also known as Princess Haya] has resorted to fresher tricks of blackmailing her former husband Sheikh Maktoum by releasing a staged and back-dated video of Sheikha Latifa bint al-Maktoum (also known as Princess Latifa). According to credible sources, Princess Haya has passed this video through two of her co-conspirators named David Haigh and Tiina Jauhiainen, while the later two, who are known as top-scammers have also tagged a fraud named Marcus Essabri. On a number of occasions, Essabri has claimed himself to be a cousin of Princess Latifa, which is a blatant lie. In reality, Essabri, a former barber and members of LGBT group was hired by David Haigh [a leader of LGBT group] for running a false propaganda against Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, with the ulterior motive of extorting money through blackmailing.

The case of Tiina Jauhiainen

According to information, Tiina Jauhiainen, a former employee of the Dubai royal family has been scamming people with the active collaboration of David Haigh [a convicted fraud] under the false pretext of running efforts for “saving” Princess Latifa. It may be mentioned here that, Tiina Jauhiainen does not have any legal source of income, while it is anticipated by many that her main source of income is selling the false stories of Princess Latifa. 

David-Tiina-Essarbri racket’s propaganda centering the UN

For the past few months, David Haigh, Tiina Jauhiainen and Marcus Essabri have been fooling the western media with the false claim of an investigation conducted by the United Nations centering the case of Princess Latifa, while sources in the United Nations confirmed that it had never conducted any such investigation. The UN sources further said that for initiating any such investigation, UN requires approval from the Security Council and until now, there has not been any such initiatives, as they did not pay any heed to the unsubstantiated claims of David Haigh, Tiina Jauhiainen and Marcus Essabri.

What BBC said in its report

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which has run several fake reports centering the case of Princess Latifa, mostly being approached by David Haigh, Tiina Jauhiainen and Marcus Essabri, had tried to project Tiina and David as friends of the Dubai princess, and Marcus as her cousin, although, there is no such evidence in support of these claims. It is clearly understood that BBC has done this on purpose with the ulterior motive of defaming Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

According to a credible source, the latest “leak” of video by BBC and the David Haigh-Tiina Jauhiainen-Marcus Essabri racket was an act of Princess Haya, who has used a PR (Publica Relations) company in London by paying thousands of dollars. Princess Haya has been making frantic bids in defaming the image of Sheikh Rashid al-Maktoum and the royal family of the United Arab Emirates. But in the recent weeks, Princess Haya turned tremendously adamant in damaging the image of the Dubai ruler, especially because of her personal rapport with the members of mega-terror outfit Hamas, as the later is annoyed on the UAE authorities for normalizing relations with Israel.

It is also learnt that, Princess Haya’s anti-UAE agenda is being secretly funded and patronized by Qatar and Iran, as both too are annoyed on the UAE authorities for normalizing relations with Israel.


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