Biden set to follow Obama’s foreign policy


Nikki Haley, who is widely believed to be building the groundwork for a possible 2024 run for the White House warned that Joe Biden’s picks of former advisors of President Barack Obama would send US foreign policy backwards – meaning, it would begin appeasing Iran as well as mega-terror outfit Hamas and Palestinian terrorists, thus exhibiting open hypocrisy towards Israel. She also warned Republicans to end the splits in the party and get their act together to build on the strong points of the Trump administration in facing an expected hard swing to the left under Biden.

She said, “There is nothing the Democrat Party would love more than to see the Republican Party further divided”.

Commenting about Joe Biden’s pick in his upcoming administration, Nikki Haley said, “When you look at his picks for cabinet and otherwise from John Kerry to Susan Rice, you don’t have to be that much of a historian to see where this is going. I think, this is going to be the left of Obama … Biden is going to play out the game for himself. He and the Democratic Party, they believe in more government”.

About the Trump administration, the former US ambassador to the UN said, “Don’t turn your back on the successes that President Trump and the Republicans made over those four years. The policies were right, they were good, including some real wins on economic and foreign policy as well as getting many quality Republican women elected in November”.

In order to face the challenges Biden was posing, Haley called on members of her party to end the infighting that has plagued the Republicans over Trump’s election loss.

“I think we need to hold on to our wallets and I think we need to stop with all the finger-pointing and the ‘he said, she said’ and we’ve got to get to work. This is gonna hurt and we really need to be focused on where we’re gonna go from here”, she added.

Warning about the fate of the Democrats on their vindictive politics, Nikki Haley said, “The Democrats are gonna dig their own hole, but what we have to do is not just say no – we have to talk about we are for”.

“President Trump brought in a lot of people that had not been seen, not been heard and not been understood. We need to keep them,” Haley said, but admitted that “we lost a lot of people in the suburbs, we lost a lot of women [supporters]. We’ve got to grow the tent back and we’ve got to do this – we can’t wait three, four years to do this – we need to do this before the 2022 [mid-term] elections”.


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