What Harris’ Indian ‘relatives’ were doing in Capitol?


President-elect Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris has millions of fans in India as she is an Indian-American. Harris has her ‘chitthis’ [aunts] in India and she is very proud of this. She has openly admitted in public on a number of occasions. Following November 3 election, Indians began celebrating the victory of Joe Biden as their very own Kamala Harris would become the first female vice president. In our report in Blitz, we have mentioned how Indian lovers of Donald Trump have dramatically turned into Trump haters immediately after the November 3 election.

But, during the January 6 riot in the Capitol Hill, Indian nationals carrying their flags were spotted participating in the anarchism, alongside Trump supporters. Social media was though abuzz with the Indian tricolor flag being spotted among the sea of American flags, there was no word in the so-called mainstream media in the US about this matter. No one investigated the mystery behind Indians – the relatives of Kamala Harris joining Trump supporters during vandalism. Spotting of people carrying Indian flags during the Capitol riot was similar to spotting Antifa men in the crowd. Was it a part of serious conspiracy hatched by the left as well as Indian supporters of Kamala Harris as well as the Democratic Party?

It may be mentioned here that, the protestors, demanding presidential election result to be overturned – ransacked offices, flipped tables, tore American flag, smashed windows and looted the building. Four even lost their lives during these protests.

In the US, there is a heavy Indian community in California, New York and New jersey in particular, as well as rest of the country, while majority of the Indians are Democrats.

It is a million-dollar question – as to why the US media did not bring up this issue and question – what those Indian nationals carrying their own flag were doing in the Capitol Hill? No one have ever mentioned – it was only Indian flag that was spotted during the January 6 riot in Washington, along side American flags. Law enforcement agencies should have investigated the matter, as participating in such a dangerous riot carrying Indian flag was a clear sign of affiliation of Indians behind the January 6 anarchism. This must be investigated and everyone has right to know the names of those Indians – most possibly the fans of Kamala Harris – who has enthusiastically joined the capitol Hill vandalism.


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