Hindus need to be saved from missionary mafia


Nandita Thakur

Upon arriving in India, Christian missionaries first tried to convert the Brahmins. The idea was that since Brahmins are the intellectual leaders of Hindus, if they convert, others will automatically follow. This never happened. It’s a fact that in Kerala, West Bengal and also in Maharashtra, early converts to Christianity were mostly urban educated Brahmins. They were early entrants in the English medium schools mostly run by the missionaries and came in touch with the British and other Europeans. In Hinduism, the lower castes accept the leadership of Brahmins because in Hinduism, Brahmins have been ordained the higher position. But upper caste Christians don’t have this superiority sanctioned by their religion.

Christian missionaries coming to India and trying to convert people is a historical fact. There is no central registry that tracks foreign missionaries and evangelists, so it’s not possible to know their exact numbers. But it’s a commonly held belief that thousands of nuns and fathers arrived in India, remained unmarried, and worked to convert people.

Similarly, Christian donors invest a lot of money, allegedly in the garb of social work, for their proselytization projects.

Last year, India’s home ministry suspended licenses of four Christian groups under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) for six months. Back in 2017, US Christian group Compassion International was asked to stop its operations in India. Earlier this year, a Chennai-based NGO Caruna Bal Vikas was booked by the CBI. The FIR claims that the NGO was getting huge finances from abroad to convert people to Christianity. There is a long list of Christian groups that have lost their FCRA license during the NDA rule.

Despite the fact that some secular rascals propagate Christianity to have failed in India, the reality is totally opposite. Christianity has not failed in India. Instead, it is gradually expanding its vicious activities and getting hundreds of Hindus (mostly Dalits) converted into Christianity by luring them in multiple ways. Christian coverts are also getting patronization from the mighty Christian world. Narcissist, Marxist and anti-Hindu Arundhati Roy is one such example. She says her mother was a Syrian Christian (Kerala Brahmins, who converted to Christianity) and her father was a Bengali Brahmin who took the membership of Brahmo Samaj and later converted to Christianity. Although according Roy, this ancestry makes her castles, the argument actually is entirely bogus.

Voice of Christianity like Arundhati Roy would argue saying, making India Christian is a failed project.

In favor of their claim, those Christianity agents will say, according to Census data, the Christian population is India is either static or dwindling since 1951. They say: In the 2001 Census, Christians’ share in Indian population was 2.34 per cent; in 2011, it fell to 2.30 per cent. The decadal growth of Hindus during the same period was 16.8 per cent, higher than the increase in Christian population, which was 15.5 per cent.

Arundhati Roy is a classic example of how any covert Christian from India gets immense patronization from the mighty Christian world. Should she be a Hindu, she would never be promoted throughout the world as a writer, orator and scholar. Similarly, the Christian world had used its influence in promoting anti-Hindu Rabindra Nath Tagore, while it has never shown interest in Hindu writers from India.

The missionary mafias are actively working in India in multiple ways with the dangerous agenda of converting Hindus into Christianity. One of the many tools of the Christian mafias are those English medium schools run by missionaries. They have built presence of such educational institutions in Kerala, West Bengal, Maharashtra and many other parts of India. In these schools, Hindu students are indoctrinated with teachings of Bible and Christianity – finally luring them towards conversion.

Similar practice is being also followed by Muslim missionary mafias in several parts of India. Madrassas, where some Hindus also are getting Islamist indoctrination under the disguise of education as well as Tablighi Jamaat are few branches of these Islamic mafias – with the evil target of getting Hindus converted into Islam.

One point needs to be mentioned. In the recent year, most of the Hindus, who get converted into Christianity and Islam do hide this fact from their neighbors and societies – possibly at the advice of those Christian-Islamic mafias. This number of converts would never appear in any Census – though the size of the hidden converts continuing to grow.

Hindus in India need to remain alert and continue to expose the evil actions of Christian and Muslim missionary mafias.

Nandita Thakur is a retired public servant

Disclaimer: Opinion expressed are solely of the author and may not necessarily reflect editorial policy of Blitz


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