Pattaya bar owners in crisis


Covid-19 has heavily affected the go-go bars and other tourist-related establishments in Pattaya, while a large number of these establishment ultimately mat closed-down for good. In the meantime, because there is not enough customers to offset the costs of staff, utilities, rent and other expenditures, a lot of owners of bars, pubs, go-go bars and nightclubs in Pattaya are desperately looking for buyer.

When asked, a worker in Pattaya’s bar told Blitz that the owner has been looking for prospective buyer for many month – for selling the business. The asking price has also been changed several times – reducing it from US$ 100,000 to now US$ 45,000. After reducing the price in such a big way, the owner failed getting any buyer and no one is showing interest in investing money in the tourist-related projects during the pandemic, as there is no guarantee of as to when this situation can finally get into normal.

The signs of economic collapse are evident across the city, with two of every three storefronts in South Pattaya closed either temporarily or forever. Even the businesses least vulnerable to hard times – 7-Elevens and McDonald’s restaurants – have closed, allowing homeless people to take over their properties.

Wittawat Kluasuan, head security guard at the Kink go-go bar on Soi LK Metro said business is just a shadow of pre-pandemic times. The owner reopened, however, to take care of employees. But it’s unknown how long it can stay open.

Kink actually is doing better than most, drawing a good weekend crowd of expat men for its racy upstairs shows. Walking Street’s Pin-Up and Windmill Club also has had full houses on Fridays and Saturdays with relatively decent crowds other nights. But at the same time, other bars, such as Bliss and Dolls, have only one or two customers in the seats.

There’re simply not enough local expats or visiting Bangkokians to support more than a few bars, and the money is going to those offering either the best lineup of entertainers or most ranch.


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