DPRK newspaper Rodong Sinmun praises Kim Jong Il


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Rodong Sinmun Wednesday says in an article that Chairman Kim Jong Il is a peerless patriot who laid a firm foundation for the building of a thriving nation.

It is an immortal exploit Kim Jong Il performed for the cause of building a thriving nation that he provided the precious ideological and theoretical wealth and strengthened our political and military might in every way, the article says, and goes on:

He has laid a firm foundation for the self-supporting economy and brought up a large contingent of talents who would shoulder the future destiny of socialist Korea.

The theory of rallying around the leader, the ideological theory of Juche, the idea of waging a speed campaign, the policy of living in our own way, the theory of building a socialist power and all other ideas and theories indicated by the Chairman are shining as a powerful ideological weapon of the revolution and construction for their originality, scientific accuracy and feasibility.

It is his greatest exploits for the eternal prosperity of our country, nation and all generations that he has built up the tremendous military power with his energetic Songun revolutionary leadership.

He had visited different parts of the country through ceaseless anti-Japanese guerilla-style forced march of field guidance to encourage officials and workers to make a lead forward, and to kindle the flames of a fresh great revolutionary upsurge. Thanks to the dedication made by the Chairman who had visited the campaign sites for the great upsurge one after another though he was in bad health, the firm foundation for building the self-supporting economy could be laid.

Under his warm care, innumerous revolutionary talents loyal to the Party and the people have been trained.

His exploits in bringing up a large contingent of talents for the rosy future of our country will be immortal along with the history of building a powerful socialist country.



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