Majority of the Saudis follow coronavirus precautionary measures


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About 90 percent of the members of the Saudi society have had a high level of awareness about the coronavirus precautionary measures and preventive protocols such as wearing a mask, keeping physical distance, and frequent washing of hands during the pandemic period, according to a recent research.

The study, which was carried out by researchers from the University of Hail and University of Taif, revealed the extent of Saudi society’s awareness and compliance of precautionary measures, including staying at home to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Dr. Abdul-Rahman Bazaid, assistant professor of medical microorganisms at the University of Hail, who led the research, told that the Ministry of Health continues to remain the main source for obtaining the reliable information related to the pandemic, and this indicates the high awareness of the Saudi society and the lack of believing rumors.

Bazaid said the survey results showed that nearly 80 percent of the Saudi society was aware and certain of the importance of staying at home and keeping social distancing as a key factor in preventing the spread of COVID-19. The study also indicated a slight increase in the level of awareness among women, people with limited income, and people with higher education in applying the precautionary measures.

The study concluded that the pandemic will be contained in Saudi Arabia in the near future, thanks to the great efforts of the Ministry of Health and other agencies to educate the Saudi community and provide it with the necessary information and methods to contain the pandemic, which resulted in a sharp decrease in the number of cases.

According to Bazaid, more than 5,000 Saudi men and women, who belong to different age groups as well as education and income levels, representing all segments of the society from various regions of the Kingdom participated in the survey.

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