Textile industrial sector of the DPRK strives to boost


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The textile industrial sector of the DPRK strives to boost the production and raise the economic effectiveness, through home production and recycling as its development strategy.

The Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill, the Sinuiju Textile Mill and other large-scale textile mills in the country realized the local production of a washing agent for fabric production and sizing materials for dyeing, while establishing a millboard process to mass-produce the paper tube with wastepaper.

They also developed six supplementary agents essential to the production of textile goods and established a nonwoven fiber fabric production process recycling the leftovers and a flat shaft production process conducive to improving the quality of fabrics.

And they manufactured such equipment as far-infrared devulcanizer, exhauster, cutting machine and thread opener to recycle all the leftovers and produce spinner rubber rollers, various sizes of belts and fabrics with them.

The Pyongyang Rayon Factory set up an emulsion production process while deepening the study for enhancing the property of emulsion.



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