DPRK newspaper Rodong Sinmun calls for raising consciousness of anti-epidemic work


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DPRK newspaper the Rodong Sinmun Wednesday said in an article that the current anti-epidemic situation can be more stabilized and the emergency anti-epidemic front firmly defended only when all the people are engaged in the on-going emergency anti-epidemic campaign ideologically, purposefully and consciously with high degree of awareness that they are masters of the campaign.

To keep the high sense of responsibility and duty for the security of the state and the people is a fundamental key to perfecting the anti-epidemic front, the article says, and goes on:

It is the foremost demand of the state emergency anti-epidemic work to more thoroughly block the borders, territorial air and waters.

If there appears any porosity in the anti-epidemic wall, all the efforts we have made so far will end in vain at once, which would entail an irretrievable consequence that the security of the state and the people will be at stake.

A mass anti-epidemic climate and the conscious unity of all the people come to be a firm guarantee for maintaining and toughening the emergency anti-epidemic system and order.

We should not feel comfort with the current anti-epidemic campaign, but take a series of more careful and stricter measures.

In view of seasonal effects and the danger of worldwide virus spread, winter presents itself as a big challenge to us and all these circumstances urge us to further intensify the emergency anti-epidemic work.

We should not allow even a moment’s inattention or carelessness, but thoroughly implement and strictly observe the state anti-epidemic guidelines till the worldwide pandemic can be perfectly controlled by medical science and technology.

All the officials, Party members and other working people should consolidate the anti-epidemic front of the country to safeguard the security of the people and the country and thus proudly greet the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, always aware that the high consciousness of anti-epidemic work will lead to the victory in the emergency anti-epidemic campaign.



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