Covert jihadist activities continuing in Britain


Sitting in Britain, a number of jihadists McMafias and terror funders are continuing notorious activities, including recruitment of jihadists, procurement of weapons and explosives, as well as plotting Iran-styled Islamic coup in a number of Muslim nations with the dangerous agenda of establishing caliphates. These individuals are although, within the radars of British and global intelligence agencies, there is no visible efforts from the authorities in London in taking legal actions against them. Meanwhile, British newspaper the Daily Mail has published extremely disturbing news about an individual who has been using a UK company as a cover to buy parts for ‘Nazi doodlebug’ type flying explosives. And the individual who has been running this dangerous mission is a member of the Islamic State residing in England.

According to the report, an 18-month investigation has uncovered an international Islamic State procurement network that exploited lax rules in the United Kingdom to set up fake companies and buy weapons from abroad. Cardiff-based businessman and ISIS member Siful Haque Sujan was among those who set up fake companies, a report by Conflict Armament Research (CAR) revealed.

The UK resident registered Advance Technology Global Ltd in Britain and posed as a fictitious man named David Soren, the report said.

According to my own findings, Advance Technology Global Ltd (Company number 09699478) with office at 2 Alexandra Gate, Fford Pengam, Cardiff, United Kingdom, CF24 2SA, UK was incorporated on 23 July 2015 and dissolved on 27 December 2016.

Government documents in the office of the registrar of companies in Britain, it is found, Siful Haque Sujan posing as David Soren had declared himself as the secretary of the company. His address is 62 Beaufort Square, Pengam Green, Cardiff, United Kingdom, CF24 2TT. The nationality of David Soren is stated as Danish while country of residence in Britain.

Investigative report by a veteran journalist

According to Bridget Johnson, Managing Editor for Homeland Security Today: Weapons designers working for the Islamic State posing as fictitious front companies procured technology from suppliers in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Britain and beyond with many in the complex chain skirting authorities and some still operating, according to a new report.

UK-based Conflict Armament Research, which tracks the weapons trade in conflict areas, said their 18-month investigation also revealed that ISIS had been developing and bought plans for “pulsejet” engines to power large, high-speed drones intended to act like the V-1 flying bombs of World War II, with an ISIS military production document stating that “we are working on applying the V-1 engine used by Hitler to attack Great Britain.”

Before Syrian Democratic Forces and Iraqi forces recaptured caliphate territory from ISIS, operatives of the terror group also pretended they were working on systems to track weather balloons and monitor crop-spraying in order to procure on the open market software and hardware for an automated anti-aircraft system.

Weapons components ultimately made it into ISIS territory through linked, family-owned companies and individuals acting as supply chain “choke points” around Siverek and Akçakale in southern Turkey, though there is no evidence they were aware that they were funneling goods to ISIS, says the CAR report. Still, some of these companies made purchases that didn’t make sense given their business, such as a small cell phone store acquiring six tons of aluminum paste from a chemical distributor.

ISIS members along the supply chain also facilitated acquisitions, including one operating a business in the UK who bought “high-specification motion-control units from a North American company,” but the payment — more than $18,000 — came from an unrelated limo service in Istanbul. “The same UK company purchased rocket and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) components from companies in North America and Germany but asked the sellers to ship them to the address of a mobile phone shop in Şanlıurfa, close to the Turkish-Syrian border,” the report adds.

CAR said that from 2014 to 2017 ISIS forces in Iraq and Syria “established one of the most sophisticated production capabilities for improvised weapons and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) of any non-state group to date,” and “production became increasingly technologically advanced and quasi-industrialized” thanks to international procurement of materials that “moved remarkably rapidly though IS forces’ supply chains.” A report from the Islamic State Border Crossing Security Department recovered by Syrian opposition forces in 2015 said ISIS coordinated with established border smugglers who paid local Turkish officials to allow goods to flow through the Akçakale border gate and into caliphate territory.

Investigators identified more than 50 companies in at least 20 countries that “produced or distributed goods that IS forces subsequently used to make IEDs, UAVs, and improvised weapon systems,” including “manufacturers and distributors of chemicals used in the production of explosives or chemical agents; manufacturers of items used as containers for IEDs and IED main charges; producers of commercial explosives; and companies making products ranging from electronic components to complete, commercial off-the-shelf UAV systems.” Last year, CAR began probing how the ISIS networks operated and duped unwitting suppliers.

Most of the ISIS weapons systems under development “have yet to be observed in the field” but weapon specialists with the terror group “acquired expertise; designed systems and software by engaging unwitting suppliers; and built functional prototypes using materials and components procured” through “global and online marketplaces.”

Seven quadcopter drones used by ISIS in Iraq were traced by CAR back to independent distributors in Kuwait, Lebanon, Singapore, Turkey, and Uzbekistan. Development of the “pulsejet” UAV goes as far back as 2015, when that August an individual posing as “David Soren” of Advance Technology Global Ltd. ordered plans from a U.S. company catering to hobbyists for a pulsejet engine capable of 50 pounds of thrust. The buyer “emailed the company’s owner to ask whether the engine could be used to power a 40-kg model airplane.”

Two years later, an Iraqi operation in Mosul discovered a fully constructed pulsejet engine nearly seven feet long with a machined air-intake head and a motorbike spark plug for ignition. The design differed somewhat from the plans “David Soren” purchased, indicating the ISIS designers had additional technical sources. CAR has not found evidence of the ISIS propulsion system being incorporated into a drone and separately documented ISIS workshops with components to construct a UAV with a 10-foot wingspan.

In the 2015 development of an anti-aircraft system, “a UK-registered front company established by an IS weapon designer entered into contracts with suppliers of machine vision software and hardware, including high-specification cameras and motion control units, based in North America and Asia,” said the report. “…The system envisaged using cameras mounted on moving platforms. When the system located a flying object, all the cameras in the system were intended to ‘lock-on and track that object’ physically using heavy-duty pan/tilt motion-control units. This design may have been intended to allow the system to be used to mount weapons as well as cameras.”

That front company communicated with suppliers only over email, third-party websites, and VoIP calls/chat, used at least three pseudonymous email addresses with two of the email accounts coming from Turkish IP addresses, and used Western Union to pay suppliers through an individual in Hong Kong still unknown to investigators.

CAR has no evidence that the anti-aircraft system was completed by ISIS technicians, and noted that “some suppliers ended their contracts prematurely after becoming suspicious about the front company’s identity and intentions.”

The ISIS purchases displayed multiple red flags that taken together “indicate that individuals and companies may be working outside their standard course of business,” the report said, stressing the need for “suppliers to conduct additional due diligence.”

“Importantly, the supply chains described in this report were not reliant on territorial control or on capturing commercial goods or facilities. Although IS forces may no longer hold territory, remaining Islamic State cells in Iraq and Syria became increasingly active in 2020,” the report concluded. “Disrupting their procurement efforts by spotting transactional red flags will therefore remain an important tool against the resurgence of IS forces and their successors.”

CAR expects to issue a report in the future on its investigation into the procurement mechanisms that ISIS used to acquire commercial explosives, especially detonators and detonating cord.

British company sent money to jihadists

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) document claim that thousands of dollars was sent through Cardiff companies to fund terrorism around the world.

According to FBI documents, a group of Cardiff companies allegedly financed Islamic State terror plots in the US and helped ship military-grade equipment to Syria and Spain.

The papers reveal that thousands of dollars were sent from a company registered in Ffordd Pengam to a man living in America to allegedly “conduct a terrorist attack”. It adds that various surveillance equipment worth more than $18,000 was sent by two Cardiff registered companies allegedly operated by the same people, across the world including to a Turkish town 20 miles from the Syrian border and to Madrid.

Operated out of an office on the Alexandra Gate business park, Tremorfa, Ibacs Electronics Ltd (Ibacs) was directed by a former Pontypridd businessman, Siful Sujan, who was killed by a US drone strike in Syria on December 10, 2015.

Filed in a US federal court in Baltimore, the FBI documents show that a Mohamed Elshinawy, of Maryland, US, received $3,000 on May 14, 2015, by Ibacs.

FBI documents claim that Elshinawy pretended to buy printers from Ibacs as cover through Paypal but that no evidence of any printers was found.

The documents state: “The first payment of $3,000 was sent to him from a company in the United Kingdom on May 14, 2015, via eBay/Paypal.

“Elshinawy showed the interviewing agents the eBay/Paypal receipt of transaction on his laptop computer, which identified the Uk company sending the payment as a company called Ibacstel Electronics.”

In an interview with officers, he later admitted that he was instructed to use the money for “operational purposes” which he understood to mean “causing destruction or conducting a terrorist attack in the US”, as stated in FBI documents.”

Documents add that between March and June 2015 he received a total of $7,700 in funds from Ibacs.

A statement by the US Department of Justice on August 15 this year said Elshinawy had pleaded guilty to terror-related charges including providing material support to Isis terrorism financing after being arrested in 2015.

Elshinawy expressed support for Isis and “described himself as a soldier, committed to making violent jihad”, according to the statement.

It adds that Elshinawy could spend decades in prison for his crimes.

At one point an attempted transfer to Elshinawy was unsuccessful returned to the Corporation Road Post Office, Newport, where it was collected on March 23, 2015, according to the FBI documents.

In January 2015, according to the FBI: “Ibacs purchased two center loaded mag mount scanner antennas from an electronic components company in the UK.”

It adds that on January 14 2015 Ibacs correspondence stated: “A small parcel [the antennas] would be arriving the next day, and he wanted [it to be shipped] to Ahmet Bayaltun in Sanliurfa, Turkey, which is located approximately 20 miles from the Syrian border.”

A transaction relating to military-grade “pan-tilt” surveillance equipment “typically used on military and civilian aircraft” was made through another company registered in Cardiff, Advance Technology Global, that was incorporated in July 2015, according to FBI documents.

The FBI documents state: “This pan-tilt transaction was ordered through a company called Advance Technology Solutions, also known as Advance technology Global.”

It adds: “Between May and July 2015, the FBI documents claim, Sujan was “involved in the purchase of, and communication about, multiple pieces of FLIR (Forward Looking Infared) capable, pan-tilt mounted units from a company in Canada selling military-grade surveillance equipment. The purchase totaled approximately $18,000 USD.”

The registered address for the company was the same address for Ibacs and the shareholders were listed as David and Peter Soren.

The FBI stated: “The registered address was the prior Cardiff address for Ibacs and the shareholders were identified as David and Peter Soren.

“The listed address for Peter Soren is Sujan’s prior UK address.

“More significantly, the IP address used to log into David Soren’s PayPal account (which lists the Ibacs business address in its account registration) was used to log into a PayPal account pertaining to Sujan.”

Investigators also found that a password for another Ibacs email address account had the password “killobama77” and was used to share terror-related content.

FBI documents state: “The password for this email address ibacslimited[at], which was located in the Ibacs accounts found in the electronic media seized by UK authorities, was identified as “killobama77.”

Plot of Iran-style Islamist coup

According to credible sources, during recent months, an Islamic State funder in Britain has been plotting an Iran-styled Islamist coup in Bangladesh with the notorious agenda of ousting the democratically elected government and establishing a caliphate. This Bangladeshi national, who faces several convictions as well as ongoing cases in the country had fled a few years ago along with his entire family and had invested millions of dirty monies in various sectors in Britain, including real estate. Sitting in London, he has been issuing statements via YouTube, Facebook and other social media networks and calling upon the people to join him for taking part in “virtuous task” in exchange for financial compensation ranging between US$ 30,000 to US$ 120,000. According to his statement, those who will participate in suicide attacks and embrace death will be paid the higher amount.

It may be mentioned here that, the above individual has been financing Islamic State for many years and was one of the funders of the notorious jihadist attacks in Sri Lanka in 2019.

Dominica connection of the jihadists and McMafias

According to information, similar to the above-mentioned pro-ISIS companies, there are a number of companies in Britain, which are run by the cohorts of Dominica’s corrupt prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit. One of many companies Skerrit is running in Britain is WIC News Limited.

A mysterious website named ‘WIC News’ is operated by a company named WIC News Limited (Company number 10631553) from Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom. It has no land or mobile phone number in its website.

Currently, it is run by a Croatian national named Dragan Perkanovic (born on June 1988), who was appointed on October 1, 2018, and by profession, he is not a journalist. Instead, he is a consultant.

Earlier, WIC News was founded with Parker Benjamin, a British national and online retailer, who was appointed on February 21, 2017 and resigned on February 19, 2018.

According to information, Benjamin Parker is also director of Medium Raw Limited, Wellbeing Limited, Roof Building Renovate Limited, Concord Close Management Company Limited, Diamon Abodes Limited and Dolls House Centre Limited.

Similarly, another British national named Hill Samuel Christopher (not a journalist) was appointed the director on January 22, 2018 and had resigned on October 7, 2018.

WIC News Limited was incorporated on February 21, 2017. The application for incorporation was filed by Benjamin Parker. There is no other partner or shareholder in the company, proving it is a mere one-man-show.

Other sister concerns of WIC News Limited are:

Create East Community Interest Limited, Company number 10631554, incorporated on February 21, 2017, company type: community interest company, registered office 17 Kimberley Street, England, Wymondham, NR18, ONU, England,

Connectfleet Limited, Company number 10631556, incorporated on February 21, 2017, company type: business and domestic software development, registered office 18 Merlin Court, Nightingale Walk, Burntwood, WS7 9QT, UK.

According to credible sources, WIC News is a propaganda platform of Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, which is operated by his agent in Britain that deals in dubious activities centering on illegal selling of citizenship as well as diplomatic passports to various individuals

Talking to this correspondent, a highly-placed source in the British intelligence said, they were already investigating the allegations of money laundering, drug trafficking, and connections of terrorists with Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and his cronies in London.

Dominica-ISIS nexus

The key agent of Dominica’s Roosevelt Skerrit is Paul Singh, an Indian-British residing in London and running a dubious company named CS Global Partners (CGP). Through CGP Skerrit is running dozens of shadow companies in Britain as well as some other countries to help Islamic State as well as most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim’s crime engine named D-Company. According to intelligence reports, D-Company and Dawood Ibrahim are actively involved in transnational drug trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, dealing in weapons, explosives and counterfeit currency. Since ISIS was driven-out from Syria, this terror outfit has chosen Dominica as one of the “most convenient” bases while it is enjoying direct support from Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and his international network of criminals.


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