Bangladesh apex court orders blocking of YouTube contents of a fugitive journalist


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Bangladesh High Court has ordered concerned authorities to block access to anti-state contents uploaded on the YouTube channel of a fugitive journalist named Kanar Sarwar. The bench of Justice Md Khasruzzaman and Justice Md Mahmud Hasan Talukder on Tuesday asked the Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission and the home secretary, among others, to comply with the order.

The writ was filed on November 17, for publishing allegedly seditious content on the channel called “Kanak Sarwar Live,” on several people including Liberal Democratic Party President Colonel (retired) Oli Ahmed on August 17.

Earlier in 2015, Kanak Sarwar, a former senior reporter of private channel ETV, was arrested and then remanded in a sedition case. He is currently living in the United States, wherefrom he has been continuously publishing video content and giving provocations of “coup” against the ruling party in Bangladesh. He has also been promoting radical Islam and supports the establishment of sharia law in the country.

It may be mentioned here that, for the past few months Kanak Sarwar has been publishing anti-Bangladesh contents along with several ‘interviews’ of some notorious individuals, including an Islamic State funder, who reportedly has smuggled-out billions of ill-gotten monies from Bangladesh. This individual, along with members of his family is facing a series of criminal charges in Bangladesh, which includes high treason, militancy funding, money-laundering, forgery, cheating, etc.


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