American media set for four boring years


Shelby Talcott

The media is swooning over President-elect Joe Biden’s “delightfully boring” upcoming administration picks.

As Biden continues to pick his administration staff, members of the media are praising the choices – after being up in arms over President Donald Trump’s administration choices. Politico’s Playbook by Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman, for example, referred to the picks as “THE BIGGEST SHIFT in Washington.”

Playbook reported that Biden’s administration is “filled with people who have deep experience in government and in the agencies they will be running.” Because of this, the newsletter wrote that “impulsive policymaking and widespread leaks from competing factions in the administration are probably over” and that Americans shouldn’t expect to see many interviews with Biden.

The report also declared that the “administration will be of the Georgetown dinner variety.” This means that the administration will be full of “political professionals who aren’t likely to try to burn down the White House over petty disagreements and jockeying to get in the good graces of the president,” the newsletter reported.

“IN OTHER WORDS, if the TRUMP White House was like downing a vat of Tabasco sauce over the past four years, the BIDEN White House will be like sipping unflavored almond milk,” Politico’s Playbook declared.

The Washington Post, as noted by Playbook, seems to agree with this early declaration of “boring.” One story noted that Biden’s choices “seem meant to project a dutiful competence.”

“The most remarkable part of President-elect Biden’s campaign and early picks for positions of true power is the unremarkable — and predictable — nature of his big moves,” Axios wrote on Monday, calling his administration “dull-by-design.”

The president-elect “is obsessed with bringing stability and conventional sanity back to governance,” Axios added.

The praise of Biden’s “boring” choices has continued throughout the media, with PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor – who often drew the ire of Trump – saying one Democrat had compared Biden’s cabinet picks to “The Avengers.”

“It felt like we are being rescued from this craziness that we’ve all lived through from the last four years and now here are the superheroes to come and save us all,” Yamiche said on MSNBC.


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