Dedicated dead Democrat votes decide the 2020 election


According to a Pew study, millions of dead people are on voter rolls, and an awful lot are still voting. Maybe they left their mail with someone to vote for them.

Covid was the excuse for mail-in voting and a lot of dead people are taking advantage of the relaxation in absentee ballots and mail-in voting. Almost all of them are in swing states.

Rosemary Hoddle got an unsolicited ballot. Rosemary was an elementary teacher, described as a fun-loving person. She died, but her ballot arrived. Somebody found it and voted for her.

We are told by the Democrats and their supporting media that there was no fraud.

“Nothing there. Stop spreading unsubstantiated conspiracy theories,” they cry.

But who is doing that, and why?  Instead of the media shouting “Shut up and trust the system.” Perhaps they should consider The Federalist report about Fred Stokes who received an unsolicited ballot on October 9 and, three weeks later, Fred voted by mail. The problem is that Fred died three years ago at the age of 92.

In Pennsylvania, where the Democrat Election official said there was no misconduct, 3,000 dead people received unsolicited voter ballots, and an awful lot of dead people voted.

On October 24, Allegheny County mailed a ballot to Denise Ognett who died just three days before. But the county got her ballot back completed.

This was a Democrat county in a state that passed a 2020 election law permitting votes without requiring signatures which is perfect because dead people cannot sign their names, but they can vote if their ballots are sent to an address.

Obama confirmed this when he said, “There are those who are doing their darndest to use restrictive ID laws.”

Perhaps the reason was the Republicans wanted a traditional, verifiable and honest election, whereas Obama wanted to cheat the system. Perhaps his unrestrictive voting includes millions of deceased voters?

Sending out masses of unsolicited ballots gets you lots of dead people voting.

In America, there is no investigative body looking into widespread voter fraud. There should be because the alternative to this vacuum is vested interests poo pooing the claims of deep and wide voter fraud.

The New York Times carried the headline “Election Officials Nationwide Find No Fraud,” but how about Deborah Jean Christiansen. Nobody had a bad word to say about her when she died last May and yet, after her death, she still managed to cast her ballot. If it’s not a fraud, it’s an inspiring story. A true patriot doing her duty, even in death.  Like James Blaylock from Covington, Georgia, who died in 2006 yet, 14 years later, this conscientious American cast his ballot in this election.

The NYT insists there was zero voter fraud nationwide, which means these votes must be legitimate because the NYT is never wrong.

Henry Gionta died 2012. Voted 2020.   Mary Weisser died 2012. Voted 2020.

Norine Lucas died 2009. Voted 2020.    Walter Hoak died 2020. Voted 2020.

Joseph Barbano died 2008. Voted 2020. Kristin Rehnberg died 2011. Voted 2020.

Thomas Sullivan died 2006. Voted 2020. John Granahan died 2019. Voted 2020.

George White died 1984. Voted 2020.   Rondall Pearson died 2007. Voted 2020.

Judy Pesto died 2013. Voted 2020.       James Blalock died 2006. Voted 2020.

Jeanne Evans died 2016. Voted 2020.  Barbara Bush died 2020. Voted 2020.

Mary Meardle died 2010. Voted 2020. Thomas Howell died 2010. Voted 2020.

Steven Swartz died 2019. Voted 2020. Linda Kessler died 2003. Voted 2020.

Elizabeth Bartman died 2008. Voted 2020. Helen Mahdi died 2004. Voted 2020.

William Nelson died 2020. Voted 2020. Willie Rayburn died 2009. Voted 2020.

There are thousands more examples but the NYT, Democrat election officials, the DNC, all insist there is nothing to see here.

If there is nothing to see here, then we are forced to believe that dedicated Democrats can still vote from beyond.

That’s what they mean when they say that “absentee ballots” can swing an election.


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