In Dominica, political elites making tons of cash by selling citizenship


Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Caribbean island country Dominica’s scandalous passport selling project is already well-known to most of the people around the world, while it is also well-documented that the rogue political elites of the country are openly involved in selling citizenship and even diplomatic passports to various individuals with the active connivance of a London-based company named CS Global Partners – Dominica’s citizenship selling agent.

In November 2019, a number of reports had appeared in a number of newspapers and TV channels centering Dominica’s opposition leader Lennox Linton, who was caught selling ambassadorship to a number of dubious individuals, including fugitive and criminals.

After the glaring evidence that the United Workers Party (UWP) received millions of dollars (US$1.55 million – EC$4.185 million), in 2004 from six different Europeans “in exchange for [promise of] diplomatic positions,” and that opposition leader Lennox Linton that a Sam Raphael has delivered a “body blow” to himself and the party, Al Jazeera’s 2019-documentary exposed, yet another case of corruption and Linton’s illicit and outright pursuit of campaign financing by any means necessary including but not limited to a signed document promising diplomatic passport and ambassador appointments in exchange for USD $400,000 ahead of the general election on the 6th of December.

The amount of hypocrisy is crude, dangerous, and double-sided including Al Jazeera’s exposé of the opposition leader accepting money in return for diplomatic passports and appointments into ambassadorship without an official seat held.

Although it is believed that the Al Jazeera report was categorically pursued by Roosevelt Skerrit and his associates in Dominica and London, the Qatar-based TV channel did not include the case of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, who is not only involved in selling citizenship, but also has been selling diplomatic passports to fugitives, criminals, terrorists, and even mafia bosses.

It is also learned that Dominica’s political elites are not only selling citizenship and diplomatic passports to foreigners, it is also using a number of websites in protecting the interest of its secret clients from a number of notorious jihadist outfits, including Al Qaeda, Islamic State, Boko Haram etcetera. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is actively participating in demonizing anti-jihadist individuals and organizations around the world, while his cronies are engaged in serious criminals acts such as giving threats or intimidation and harassment to the anti-jihadist writers, journalists, and editors.


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