Huawei mobile handsets have started dying


Sohail Choudhury

In plain words, if you are using a Huawei mobile phone set, you can not get access to any Google services, meaning, you possibly are going to face tremendous odds.

Huawei was blacklisted by the US government back in May 2019 over alleged national security concerns. As a consequence, the tech giant lost access to Google for its new phones, causing a major plunge in international sales.

People should refrain from spending money in buying Huawei mobile phone sets, even if the company offers its latest model at a throw-away price. Even buying a Huawei handset spending thirty dollars is foolishness.

Why? Because of the dispute between Huawei and the US government, which has started the Huawei handset users from being unable to connect to Google, PlayStore, Gmail and all other facilities of the big G. Meaning, without access to Google facilities, a Huawei handset with Android operating system is just wastage of money. No one possibly is going to anymore spend money in buying a massive headache like Huawei handset.

Right now, practically all the people who have an Android mobile depend to a great extent on Google to use it, but not only to use it, but also to enjoy the full experience, with our backups, our favorite applications and the facilities that the big G gives us in every way.

As the future of China’s front-ranking mobile phone brand Huawei has already become uncertain with hundreds and thousands of its existing customers already facing problems with their Huawei sets, last month, Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s CEO announced on Weibo that “we will go all out in the high-end market.” Lauding the new Xiaomi 10 to the media as “the first product to carry the company into the high-end market—now we have to put effort into all aspects to get acceptance for Xiaomi from high-end smartphone users.”

Xiaomi is the second-largest mobile phone brand in China and it is anticipated that with the demise of Huawei, most possibly Xiaomi is going to grab the market.

What Huawei has managed to do successfully in recent years is take high-quality Chinese smartphones under the global Android umbrella and challenge market-leaders Samsung and (with its own iOS) Apple. Prior to the blacklist slowing sales, Huawei had overtaken Apple to take the number-two slot and was charging down Samsung for the position of market-leader. Xiaomi wants to follow the recipe.

So, why does Xiaomi think it has a chance of pulling off this kind of coup, taking the fight to Huawei across international markets? In a word—Google. The company knows that Huawei’s loss of the U.S. giant’s software and services has left a huge gap in the market. Imagine replicating Huawei’s approach to fast innovation with the full-fat Android experience. It seems unlikely now, but look how quickly Huawei managed to grow its own smartphone sales to dominate its overall growth.

All of which explains why Xiaomi is reportedly pushing the Google message so hard. The packaging for the company’s new Mi 10 Pro is adorned with a taunt aimed directly at Huawei: “With easy access to the Google apps you use most.”

Whatever may be the future of Chinese made mobile phone sets, at this moment, the nightmare of Huawei phone set users would definitely make people extremely cautious in buying any Made in China handset until Huawei can clear this mess. With the possible demise of Huawei handsets from the global market, it may even ring the bell of death of all other Chinese brands. Buyers now would actually switch to mobile phone brands such as iPhone, Samsung etc.

At the office of Blitz alone, dozens of our staff members and reporters are seeing their Huawei handsets suddenly failing to get access to any of the Google facilities. With Google, Android phones become turn totally useless. Everyone is suggesting – Don’t buy Huawei phone sets, and for sure, this is the only option.

Sohail Choudhury is the Executive Editor of Blitz


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