Islamists spreading #coronajihad throughout the world


Tunisian police arrested two men, including a suspected member of a jihadist network, had been arrested over an alleged “terrorist” plot to infect security force personnel with coronavirus. The suspected jihadist is accused of having used his influence over supporters displaying symptoms of the virus, the interior ministry said in a statement. The other accused, who was already under surveillance and required to report regularly to a police station, said that he was told to deliberately cough everywhere to contaminate officers during his visit, the ministry said. They were trying to target non-Muslims and get them infected.

In India, members of Tablighi Jamaat are already under fire for their alleged plot of spreading coronavirus throughout the country. Although mainstream media in the country are still actively trying to save the coronajihadists from legal consequences.

Despite Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal initiatives in saving the country from the devastation of coronavirus was getting appreciation from the world, all of a sudden, the situation had changed, when thousands of radical Muslims had attended a congregation of the Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) defying government directives. While a large proportion of the attendees were infected with coronavirus, some of the leaders of TJ had instructed them to spread coronavirus amongst “hundreds and millions of Hindus” thus ultimately bringing India under the dominance of Muslims. Those leaders said, “go and spread the virus amongst the Hindus and let hundreds and millions of them die”. The Tablighi Jamaat congregation played a key role behind massive community transmission of the coronavirus just within the span of one week.

Tablighi Jamaat is a dubious but extremely influential Islamic missionary that mainly aims at religious conversion of non-Muslims into Islam with the vision of an Islamic conquest. The majority of the followers of Tablighi Jamaat do not believe in democracy and they promote sharia rule and caliphate.

The TJ event at the Nizamuddin Markaz in New Delhi that took place last month is the single reason for India reporting a record rise in positive cases of Covid-19.

This led many to start a hashtag on social media against the Muslim community calling it #CoronaJihad. #CoronaJihad — the term has been used to hint or indicate that somehow the coronavirus has been spread by the Muslim community.

But the United States said the use of coronajihad term was “unfortunate”. During a briefing by the Samuel D Brownback, Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Office of International Religious Freedom, he said that the US administration was tracking many instances of blaming the minority communities for the Covid-19 virus.

To a question on the hashtag trending in India, Brownback said, “We are tracking the blaming of religious minorities for Covid-19 virus, and unfortunately, it is – it’s happening in various places. This is wrong by governments to do this.”

He urged governments to clearly state the origin of the virus and ensure that there is no targeting of the minorities.

“The governments really should put this down and state very clearly that this is not the source of the coronavirus. It’s not the religious minority communities. And they should go out there in open messaging and say no, this is not what happened. We know where this virus originated. We know it’s a pandemic, the whole world is being subjected to and it’s not something from religious minorities. But unfortunately, we are seeing that sort of blame game getting started up in different places around the world, and we hope it gets pushed back aggressively by those host governments,” Brownback said.

Indian lawmaker Shobha Karandlaje has alleged that people, who took part in the religious gathering at Tablighi Jamaat headquarters in Nizamuddin, New Delhi, were spreading Covid-19 across the country. The authorities should trace people who have failed to furnish details. They should be given the life sentence.

She said, “A few [read dozens] of those who took part in the [Tablighi Jamaat] gathering are missing. They might be involved in ‘Corona Jihad’. People who participated in Tablighi religious gathering should furnish their details voluntarily to the police and get themselves examined. Also, they should remain in quarantine. The authorities should trace those who have failed to furnish the details. They should be given life sentence”.

Shobha further said, “When they fail to adhere to the law of the land, I feel there is a hidden agenda behind it. There is a need to show them the power of the law so that everyone abides by it in the future”.

Amongst the Indian states, Kerala has already become a red zone for coronavirus. It should be mentioned here that, for years, radical Islam and jihadist activities are on the rise at an alarming level in Kerala.

As the coronavirus pandemic spread across the world, some radical Islamic clerics believe the virus was perhaps sent by Allah because of the disobedience and sins of mankind. Other clerics claimed that the pandemic is edging the world closer to the Day of Judgement.

Some Shia clerics, find in the pandemic signs that are expected with the emergence of the return of the Mahdi – the Muslim savior, including widespread economic issues, deaths and all-round chaos.

The global coronavirus outbreak gave Islamists a new opportunity to spew antisemitism and conspiracy theories about their perceived enemies.

The Islamic State (ISISI) lauded the spread of the deadly coronavirus in its official al-Naba newsletter.

The Islamic State has previously seized upon natural disasters as supposed proof that God is supporting them in targeting their adversaries, and also has used naturally occurring events in attack suggestions — impressing upon followers that if a natural calamity causes this much suffering, jihadists can bring about similar destruction using manmade methods.

Immediately after the outbreak of coronavirus, Islamic State and other jihadist outfits were propagating saying, coronavirus is a divine punishment on “non-Muslim” China and it will only “affect the non-Muslim”.

Jihadists started using the social media and video sharing sites to circulate their propaganda materials that include doctored images and videos with the ulterior motive of misleading Muslims about the threats posed by coronavirus.

Non-Muslim countries like China, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Israel, Philippines, Russia, the European Union, Britain and the United States are possibly the most vulnerable to coronajihad, as the jihadists have already succeeded in establishing footholds. For the sake of public safety, coronajihadists must be identified and stopped immediately.


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