How Bangladesh can dramatically control the spread of coronavirus?


Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Although Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is making every possible effort within the very limited medical facilities in the country in controlling the social transmission of coronavirus, some people are unnecessarily showing signs of pessimism about Bangladesh’s capacities in finally winning against the pandemic.

Back in January this year, Chinese scientists have predicted, coronavirus is turning into a pandemic and would be spreading throughout the world. They said, Wuhan will be free from coronavirus by the end of March (which already has become true), while the pandemic will be at its peak from April 15 and will continue to rise until the first week of May. Onwards the effect of coronavirus will start declining in most of the countries in the world. They also have suggested the newly affected countries to enforce total lockdown at least for a period of one week from the mid-April.

Bangladesh’s government though has been extending the lockdown since March 25th, things went out of control as hundreds of thousands of people left Dhaka city for their homes in the district towns and villages. The government should have first stopped all public transport (road, river and air) before declaring the holiday from March 25.

But the social contamination or infection reached an alarming level ever since the workers of the readymade garment factories were abruptly asked by the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA). There is no explanation from the BGMEA about this horrendous decision and why had they pushed the entire nation towards possible catastrophe through act.

The Ministry of Health, instead of keeping people’s moral strength vert strong had rather played the opposite role. Instead of giving respite, they have been regularly publishing fearsome reports on the electronic media thus leaving the entire nation into mere horror.

Now, though even the top bosses in the Health Ministry are openly expressing their frustration and helplessness, there still are chances for Bangladesh in getting out of the crisis. In fact, there is no reason to be frustrated.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina may now take the decision of imposing 2-4 day’s curfew in the country, ahead of the month of Ramadan. Only curfew can push the people at home. While the curfew is enforced, the government needs to increase the number of tests every day, and the print and electronic media should be immediately instructed to stop over-reporting of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, media in Bangladesh are already indulged in unhealthy competition of terrorizing the people by bringing up fearsome information about the pandemic.

Most possibly, coronavirus will start disappearing from the world by the first week of May. At least this is exactly what the scientists, including those Chinese experts who have practical experience on the best possible method of stopping the coronavirus are saying.


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