West should wake up now or never


David Giddings

If we are aware of the recent statement of ISIS kingpins or those leaders of Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and or even the clerics in the Tablighi Jamaat, we have every reason to be seriously concerned as according to media reports, these radical Muslims are desperately trying to spread coronavirus virus into the “non-Muslim” population in the Western nations.

A website named Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, that advocates turning India into a Hindu state recently posted a commentary on #coronajihad stating:

Exposure of truth about Corona among ‘Tablighi Jamaat’ has created an atmosphere of terror in the whole country. The Union and all State Governments have been trying their best to curb the spread of Corona but ‘Tablighi Jamaat’ has foiled their sincere efforts. Now, the country faces a new challenge of protecting people of this country from such big danger.  On one hand, when the country is on the threshold of entering the third stage of the Corona epidemic, it wouldn’t be surprising that the anti-people activities of this ‘Jamaat’ would force India to reach that stage. A religious program held at Super Church in France was the cause of Europe and America getting so vastly affected by Corona as people attending that program spread this virus when they reached their respective places. The same thing can now happen in India due to ‘Tablighi’. Similar ‘Tablighi’ program was also held in Pakistan and Malaysia in March which has led to an increase in the spread of Corona on large scale in those countries. India will, therefore, have to be more alert. The participants attending the program in Delhi have gone back to their respective 19 States. Ten of them have died due to Corona so far and how many have been affected has not yet been found out. Now, every State is trying to find out these ‘Tablighi’ participants and quarantine them.  While all these things are happening, information on ‘Tablighi Jamaat’ is coming forth. This organization has been banned in countries like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan due to its furtive connections with terrorism. It has been earlier accused that the said organization had connections even with ‘Al-Qaeda’. It has been found that many jihadi terrorists have been extended assistance by the main office of Jamaat’s Markaz mosque in Delhi for going to Pakistan. This organization was also named in a terrorist attack at Glasgow airport in the UK. Kafil Ahmad, of Indian origin, arrested in this context had connections with this organization. This organization was also found to be involved in an attack at Bosnia. After a terrorist attack in Karachi in the year 2011, Pakistan had imposed a ban on this organization. Our National Security Advisor Ajit Doval too had stated earlier that activities of this organization were quite mysterious. Shri. Doval had discussions with the Chief of Markaz mosque on the night of 28th March and asked him to get tested for Corona. Such a test was then carried out when such shocking details have come forth. How 2000 people were staying in Markaz mosque when Section 144 was imposed all over the country including Delhi. Why did the police take no action despite knowing the facts, are the questions? The ‘Jamaat’ has also made an accusation that the Administration was asked to make arrangements for sending people staying in mosque to their homes but no arrangement was made. If this accusation was true, why did Administration ignore the demand, is a question. Audio of Maulana Mohammad Saad, the Convener of the program has become viral in which he has advised people to come and stay in the mosque since there wouldn’t be a better thing to happen than dying in a mosque. It shows the mentality of ‘Jamaat’. Members of ‘Jamaat’ went all over the country after attending this program and they have been the cause of spreading Corona in their area.

Ban should be imposed on ‘Tablighi Jamaat’

‘Tablighi Jamaat’ doesn’t have any association with any government, political parties or other organizations. This organization doesn’t participate in any public programs but carries on activities on its own; therefore, many people don’t have much information on this organization. This organization is of Sunni Sectarians and is accused of being an extremist organization. Islamic State organization is also funded by followers of Sunni Sect; therefore, there is a need to conduct an inquiry into this organization’s connection with Islamic State. Vasim Rizvi, the President of ‘Shia Muslim Wakf Board’ of Uttar Pradesh has alleged that the said organization was involved in making ‘human bombs’. The main purpose of establishing this organization is to spread Islam. It has so far converted people from other religions, mainly Hindus, and trained them in Islamic religious matters and it is spread in 150 countries. The Union Government should find out what kind of Islamic education it is imparting; besides finding out how many of them have turned to terrorism. Now, when people have started criticizing ‘Jamaat’ on this issue, few Muslim leaders and maulanas are accusing that Muslims were purposely targeted. In fact, due to lock-down, Hindus’ temples are closed. Why no explanation is given for people going to mosques and ‘Tablighi Jamaat’s Markaz mosque in such a large number or staying there? When people of Jamaat were being brought out from the mosque, why were they spitting on the road? Why their leaders are not answering these questions? Will people be wrong if they say that despite knowing Corona can be spread through spitting, people of Jamaat deliberately did it? It is therefore, felt that considering the history and present activities of ‘Tablighi Jamaat’, it would be right to impose a ban on this organization, for protection of this country!

 In my personal opinion, what the above website has said is justified, as India is facing a consistent threat from radical Islam in particular as well as its hostile neighbor Pakistan, a country infamous for promoting terror, jihad and cross-country crime.

Launching a scathing attack on the Tablighi Jamaat for emerging as a hotspot for spreading the coronavirus in India, Union Minister and ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said, Tablighi Jamaat had committed a “Talibani crime” by holding a religious gathering in the middle of a pandemic.

He termed the crime committed by Tablighi Jamaat an “unpardonable sin” after the event organized by the Jamaat resulted in spreading coronavirus to hundreds of the people across the country.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Hocine Drouiche, Chairman of the Conseil des imams de France (French Board of Imams) in an article on Asianet wrote:

French Muslims are experiencing the coronavirus crisis amid fear, dreading the loss of family members. Mosques and other places of worship have closed.

In France, the Grand Great Mosque of Paris and its new rector, Chems Eddine Hafiz, did not wait to set an example for the other 4,000 mosques and places of worship in France. He took the initiative and had the courage to call on all Muslims in France to pray at home to avoid the spread of the virus, citing Qurʼānic verses and prophetic hadiths in his press release. In the latter, he calls on Muslims to be careful and supportive along with their fellow citizens to fight this virus which is threatening the lives of all citizens.

In France, some imams close to the Muslim Brotherhood have criticized the rector’s decision to cancel prayers and close mosques because the virus had not yet spread widely. Events have proven the correctness of the rector’s decision to listen to President Emmanuel Macron from the start of the crisis.

Most imams see this virus as a divine test for all humanity, including Muslims, to return to the path of righteousness.

In Islam where ablutions are compulsory for the five daily prayers, cleanliness must already be present in individuals and mosques.

Imams and mosque officials recommend washing and changing prayer rugs, leaving the doors of mosques open so as not to touch the knob, asking the faithful to bring their own rugs to minimize the risk of this contagious virus.

Despite this, several mosques need more cleaning and respect for the rules, especially since some believers think that the virus was only a lie invented by capitalists to sell their inventories.

Muslim extremists got into the act too. When the virus hit China, they went on telling Muslims that the coronavirus is only a punishment against the disbelieving Chinese who transgress the law. When Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman decided to close Makkah and Madinah to Muslim pilgrims, these extremists deemed the virus as a way to purify Muslims and remind them of their religion.

Let us not forget, be it Hocine Drouiche or those Islamist clerics in France – all of them preach radical Islam and dream of turning a secular France into another ‘Islamic republic’.

Britain by now has already become the epicenter of radical Islam in the West. Muslims in Britain are working vigorously in enforcing sharia rule, while Muslim men are wearing ISIS or Al-Qaeda prototype attire while the female members in the British society are forced to wear hijab and burqa. They are openly talking about waging jihad against the infidels and “defeat” non-Muslims and force them in embracing Islam.

I am feeling extremely concerned as most possibly, once the coronavirus crisis is over, Muslims will become more aggressive in pushing their Islamist agenda into Western societies.

The solution

The only solution for the Western populace in saving themselves from becoming slaves of Muslims, there should be immediate countermeasures for stopping radical Muslims in further pushing forward the notorious agenda of establishing sharia or even caliphate within the Western nations. Muslims should be barred from wearing ISIS-Al Qaeda prototype attire and there should be an immediate ban on burqa and hijab. Radical Muslim men and women should be sacked from the jobs in the West while their business establishments, including those sharia compliance financial activities, should also be banned immediately.

If the western societies will not wake up forthwith against radical Islam, Muslims will gain further strength and would for sure gradually push forward their agenda of Islamizing the west or even proclaiming caliphate.


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