Bangladesh cine directors illegally operating office inside KPI area


Mustafa Ali Noor

Bangladesh Film Director’s Association (BFDA) has been accused of illegally operating its office from inside the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) premises, which is one of country’s key-point installations. According to law, using KPI for any such purpose is illegal.

Sources inside BFDA told this correspondent that for decades, this organization has been illegally running office in the space inside BFDC, which originally was allocated to use as library. Leaders of BFDA are collecting millions of taka from its members each year, and the organization even is not maintaining transparency in such activities.

The source added, BFDA has become a money-making machine to some of the members of the organization, who though hold key posts in BFDA, in reality most of them are not active as film directors for years.

Commenting on BFDA’s using BFDC premises as its office, a highly-placed source in the Ministry of Information told this correspondent that the matter has recently come to their attention. It further said, after the current challenged centering coronavirus issue, top policymakers of the government will take necessary steps in evicting BFDA’s illegal office from the key point installation and take stern action against the perpetrators of such crime.

Seeking anonymity, a senior member of BFDA told this correspondent that the organization does not have any office other than the one it has been operating for decades inside the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation premises.

He said, “In no other country in the world, any organization is allowed to operative office from inside the KPI area. This certainly is a gross violation of the law.

It may be mentioned here that, leaders of BFDA are using air-coolers and other electrical appliances inside their illegal office while the library part is simply left with ceiling fans. The organization is not even having any new collection of books, while none of the members are using the library for years.

The library of the Bangladesh Film Director’s Association is a lame excuse for the sake of operating its illegal office inside the KPI area.

When asked the authorities concerned about how an illegal organization that even does not have its own office was provided registration, an official said, “They have used an address while taking the registration, though for years, it was unknown about Bangladesh Film Director’s Association not having any office of its own except the one inside the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation.


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