The Lebanese Palestinian mutual hate affair


The recent civil unrest in Lebanon was briefly reported by western media until they tired of the needs of those affected. The unrest continues as Lebanon’s economy spirals on a downward trajectory and the failure of attempts to form a Government satisfactory to the majority. Lebanon have just announced defaulting on the Lebanese debt exacerbating the dire economic situation.

Lebanon when under French mandate was mainly Christian but is now predominantly Muslim and the lack of religious mutual tolerance has created numerous internal conflicts. Additionally, those Arabs who left mandated Palestine on the command of the Arab leadership during Israel’s 1948 War of Independence have exacerbated the volatility and hostility between the religions.

An aspect of the ‘Palestinian ‘ issue that is never reported by the mainstream media is the anti-Palestinian ideology so prevalent in the Arab and non-Arab Muslim world. The reasons for this are not difficult to understand and indeed put some perspective on why we are currently witnessing the Palestinians becoming ever more isolated from their former political supporters.

Lebanon has always and still does detest that group of people the world refers to as Palestinians. To the Lebanese, they are financially greedy, corrupt and thus unworthy of Lebanese citizenship, status and dignity and that is why for seventy years the Lebanese have maintained a system of Apartheid against the Palestinians driven by natural detestation, contempt, and superiority.

Palestinians in Lebanon suffer the same indignities as indigenous black Africans did under white South African supremacy. And yet the world’s media, which for decades has given saturation coverage to the Palestinian cause has ignored the indignities suffered by the Palestinians by one of their apparent Nation-State supporters. And we ask ourselves why?

Paradoxically and unpalatable as it may be to the various anti-Zionist, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish State and antisemitic individuals, political organizations and global pro-Palestinian groups there has never been a people, a culture, a nationality, a religion nor a race known as Palestinians. They never existed. The Palestinians were a mid-1960’s invention of the Soviet Union’s funding a terrorist Arab group to counter the Soviet’s decreasing global authority.

One cannot find any reference to any war, battle or conflict fought by indigenous Palestinians against any external or domestic opposition from 3000 BC to 1948 AD. Unsurprisingly there is no evidence of any historical, indigenous Palestinian individual, man, woman, child, transsexual, King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Imam, Writer, Poet, Sheikh, Astronomer, Soldier, Leader, Butcher, Baker or Candlestick maker during the 5000 year period alluded to. Indeed, the first ‘ Palestinian ‘ that history created was, in fact, an Egyptian, Yasser Arafat the leader of the Soviet creation, the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Comically, as there is no sound for the letter P in Arabic and as there is no Palestinian mother tongue one must question what did the mythical Palestinians call themselves in their nonexistent language. As the majority of Palestinians were simply immigrants from Arab countries who came to Palestine due to the economic benefits brought about by Zionism, then the answer must be that they referred to themselves as Filastinians as P could not be pronounced by them. The word Filastin is Arabic for Philistine itself meaning ’sea invaders’  a people who came from the Greek Islands, settled on the coastal areas of modern-day Israel and were wiped out in circa 1200 BC.  Surely Athens and not Jerusalem should be the Palestinian capital.

Lebanese hatred towards the Palestinians, however, is rather much more entrenched and will last for time immemorial and can be traced to events which would shame and should shame for time immemorial the atrocities inflicted on Lebanese villagers by Arafat’s Palestinian butchers. Damour.

The Damour Massacre was perpetrated on innocent Lebanese Christian Maronites on January 22, 1976. The butchers, the thugs, the murdering scum, the barbarians that perpetrated this atrocity were Palestinians from Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization and affiliated satellites linked to the PLO. Estimates conclude that eight hundred mainly women, children and old men were slaughtered but what is not at odds is the sheer brutality and conduct of the murderers on their victims. Women and children were raped and were shot whilst other family members were forced to watch.

For reasons beyond comprehension the BBC did not report on this atrocity even though they sponsored numerous personnel in the Middle East geopolitical arena at the time. Perhaps entrenched, pro-Obama BBC bias played a role in them not reporting this atrocity,  one of the most barbaric acts of inflicted on civilians during the conflict in Lebanon.

It is widely assumed that Damour was in retaliation for a Christian event on Muslims some days before in Karantina. There is a difference in that Karantina was controlled and defended by the PLO and three Palestinian militias whereas Damour was a sleepy village without any protection.

Comparisons are inappropriate and just add to the propaganda and myths aimed at excusing numerous Palestinian atrocities inflicted on civilians. The Palestinian Charters of 1964 and 1968 demanding not only the extermination of Jews but the subservience to Islam or death of all other races and religions were the screaming calling cards of the Palestinian butchers as they carried out their massacre.


  1. Why is it that other World News Organizations haven’t reported this ?
    Why don’t they report it now ? Why don’t you put these facts in the Newspapers, Exmp; The Washington
    Post ?
    Also, the Lebanese aren’t the only ones who Despise and abhor the Palestinians in the Vicinity, so do the Jordanians !
    Also there is a very well known, former News Reporter, who is a Survivor of that Massacre in Lebanon that has and Still is Traveling across America Reporting exactly what had occurred to the Peaceful Christian Lebanese People, including her family and her as a young Girl in that Village Before, During and After the Massacre
    Her Name Is BRIGITTE GABRIEL , INFORMING People everywhere, exactly who and the so called Palestinians really are and the Hateful Lies and Propaganda they are Spreading about Israel and the true Agenda of the Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood !!!


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