The dramatic fall of crime-patron Omar Faruk Chowdhury


Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

As Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina had sacked Omar Faruk Chowdhury, who is infamous being the godfather of illegal casinos, tender manipulation, extortion, dealing in drugs and arms and contract killings, from the top post of Jubo League, Chowdhury visibly has turned vindictive and reportedly plotting of giving a “befitting” response during the upcoming council of the youth front of the ruling party.

According to information, Omar Faruk Chowdhury is secretly sending instructions to his people to “fully non-cooperate” with Jubo League’s new leadership and “refrain” from sending people during the council. He reportedly is telling people in his inner circle that the ongoing drive against casino, tender manipulation, extortion, dealing in drugs and arms and contract killings would ultimately go against the interest of Awami League, as his men, Ismail Chowdhury Samrat and others were “contributing hugely” into party activities and were the “key-players” behind massive gatherings in each of the public meeting organized by the ruling party in Dhaka.

Though Jubo League is supposed to be led by youths, most of its key figures are older people while Omar Faruk Chowdhury, back in 2012 got the post at the age of 64. In the 47-year’s history of Jubo League, 71-year-old Faruk was the oldest chairman.

According to party insiders, ever since getting the post, Omar Faruk Chowdhury had successfully created a chain of thugs and criminals by giving them important posts in Jubo League and had made hundreds of millions of taka through illegal casino, extortion, tender manipulation, dealing in drugs and arms as well as contract killing. He also is accused of using his own men inside Jubo League in helping one of his business partners in illegally grabbing lands and properties in Dhaka’s Mirpur area.

Chowdhury owns a vernacular daily, which was possibly one of his many shields to cover illegal activities.

Many members of the Jubo League committee have been disappointed with their chairman for long because of his corrupt practices in the formation of various committees of the youth front.

After the government launched the crackdown last month, Faruk criticized it saying he believed it was a conspiracy against his organization.

On October 3, Bangladesh Bank’s Financial Intelligence Unit asked all banks and financial institutions to send information on the bank accounts of Omar Faruk within three working days.

Before that, Bangladesh Bank froze the accounts of Omar Faruk and some other top Jubo League leaders following a crackdown on casinos.

Meanwhile immigration authorities have already imposed travel ban on Omar Faruk Chowdhury and his family members as it is anticipated that he might leave the country skipping legal consequences.


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