Indian government exchanged Princess Latifa with British arms dealer


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India was desperately looking for getting controversial arms dealer Christian Michel extradited from the United Arab Emirates. But they could not find any headway as the UAE authorities were not agreeing to India’s request of extraditing the British arms dealer.

Michel, who owns a residence and company in Dubai but has long been wanted by Indian authorities.

But the opportunity came to Indian authorities when they came to know about one of Dubai ruler’s daughter’s attempts of fleeing the country. This initial information came to the officials at the Indian embassy in Dubai when a Finnish woman named Tiina Jauhiainen secretly met one of the Indian diplomats offering a “precious information” which would help India in getting their much-sought-after Christian Michel extradited from Dubai. As the Indian diplomat asked Tiina as to how she was aware of the case of Michel, she showed them a newspaper clipping where the matter was elaborately described. The meeting ended without any decision, while the Indian diplomat took Tiina Jauhiainen’s contact number.

A few days later, Tiina received a phone call from the diplomat who only uttered a few words giving the location of their meeting that evening. As Tiina showed-up, the Indian diplomat said, “We are ready to enter into a deal with you”.

A shrewd Tiina knew, Indians will get back to her and cannot turn down the offer she had made. When she was asked to tell the diplomat the details on the information she was holding, Tiina smiled and said, “Lets first make the business terms. I want a large sum of money in exchange for the information”.

The diplomat asked, “How much”.

Tiina asked, “How much you can pay”.

The diplomat replied, “How about five thousand American dollars?”

Tiina stood up and said, “You are not my customer. This is not a triple-digit deal. It has to be at least seven digits”.

But the diplomat knew, how badly they were looking for any scope of getting Christian Michel returned to India.

Michel, who is said to have widespread contacts in the Indian military and political worlds, was allegedly hired by AgustaWestland to influence top officials in the air force and the government led by Manmohan Singh to help secure the Rs 3,600 crore (£400 million) deal for the company.

His diaries, seized by Italian police and later handed to the CBI [Central Bureau of Intelligence], show he paid €6 million to Indian Air Force officers, €8.4 million to bureaucrats and €15 – €16 million to an unidentified political family, according to investigators. So far Michel has said nothing, say CBI detectives.

After his arrest, Michel made a sensational claim that the CBI had put pressure on him to sign a confession that he had met the Congress president Sonia Gandhi, who was a close aide of Singh in the 2004-2014 government when the deal was being negotiated in 2010.

Michel said he refused to sign as he had never met Sonia Gandhi in his life. He also alleged that the CBI had promised him a waiver in the case if he signed. The CBI denies the allegations.

Tiina sold-out her “loving friend” Latifa

After series of meeting between Tiina and the Indian diplomat, a secret deal was struck between Tiina Jauhiainen and the Indian authorities for giving them detailed information in advance about the fleeing attempt of Sheikha Latifa Bin Maktoum [also known as Princess Latifa]. Accordingly, Tiina was passing information immediately after Sheikha Latifa had boarded her cross-country vehicle. She even notified the Indian authorities about Princess Latifa’s carrying of ornaments worth almost one million dollars, which included four precious diamonds. Tiina told her Indian contacts, they should handover the ornaments and precious stone to her when she would be leaving Dubai following their plotted game centering Sheikha Latifa. In this heinous conspiracy, Captain Herve Jaubert and his crew members became victims of Tiina’s greed.

Hours after Sheikha Latifa had boarded into the yacht named Nostromo, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi phoned Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed Rashid al Maktoum and informed him of his daughter’s fleeing the country. Prime Minister Modi told Sheikh Maktoum, he could help in getting Latifa returned to Dubai only if United Arab Emirates would agree to swap Christian Michel with Sheikha Latifa Bint Maktoum.

The Dubai ruler being extremely nervous knowing about fleeing of his daughter had no option in hand but to agree to the Indian Prime Minister’s proposal.

Here is not the end. Immediately after Sheikha Latifa along with other members of the yacht, including her “friend” Tiina was returned to Dubai, a shrewd Tiina Jauhiainen told her interrogators that she actually had stopped the fleeing of Latifa by leaking the information to the Indian authorities.

This was clearly a cruel attempt made by Tiina and a segment of the global media, without knowing anything about this matter are giving heavy media publicity to Tiina Jauhiainen and even are projecting her as the “only friend” of the Dubai Princess.

Commenting on the matter, Radha Stirling of Detained in Dubai, a criminal justice NGO in the UAE, accused both countries [India and UAE] of “bilateral disregard for standard norms of diplomatic relations”.

She told the Sunday Telegraph, “The capture of Latifa was reportedly arranged over a phone call between Sheikh Mohammed and Prime Minister Modi, and the extradition of Christian Michel was fast-tracked shortly thereafter.

“This is not the kind of cooperation between states that reflects respect for the rule of law.”

The princess’s capture off the coast of Goa drew global attention for her dramatic escape from Dubai in a yacht with the aid of a French spy named Captain Herve Jaubert, as she allegedly sought asylum for mistreatment by the royal family. It was later learnt from various sources that Sheikha Latifa Bint Al Maktoum had been corresponding with Herve Jaubert for years and was taking preparation for the escape. Captain Herve was moved at Latifa’s plea and decided to help her flee Dubai at a very nominal cost, which actually was the cost of fuel and few required logistics. But, neither Sheikha Latifa, nor Captain Herve Jaubert were aware of the back-stabbing – a serious betrayal by Tiina Jauhiainen.

India and Dubai had violated international law

According to maritime experts, intercepting a vessel in the international water boundary is a serious crime. Moreover, the yacht was carrying the American flag, which means, Dubai and India had attacked an American flag carrier vessel in the international water boundary, defying existing laws. It was also a great insult to the United States’ sovereignty. Moreover, an American citizen – Herve Jaubert was abducted, tortured and held into captivity, while the American embassy in Dubai was silently watching the incident.

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