Does anyone tell the truth anymore?


As an outsider, I have been witnessing the weaponizing of the intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the United States to try and fraudulently win an election, and then attempt to stage a political coup against a duly elected president.

Begun under the Obama Administration, we have seen the CIA (under John Brennan), the National Security apparatus (under James Clapper), the FBI (under James Comey), the Department of Justice (under Loretta Lynch), bring a fraudulent dossier to the secret government FISA court, for permission to engage in espionage against, conduct illegal unmaskings of American citizens, spy on anyone connected with, their political rival, and set the top level personnel in the FBI and DOJ on a prolonged campaign to indict a sitting president on the fake charge of Russian Collusion, a charge, it transpires, that they themselves were guilt of.

Does anyone tell the truth anymore?

In America, the 2020 Presidential campaign is already underway. The Democrats are pretending they are running a progressive campaign when in truth they are hell bent on transforming America into a Socialist state. In truth, they are running a campaign built on hate, racism and division. The stench of Socialism is in the air and, if we listen to Bernie Sanders and some of the new Democratic faces, Socialism is only a temporary pause on the road to full-blown Marxism.

Does anyone tell the truth anymore in America?

Marxism doesn’t start in Congress. It starts with the radical brainwashing of impressionable young minds on campus. US campuses have become Marxist factories of lies, churning out the next generation of indoctrinated opinion and influence makers and future lawmakers. From campus they go via community organizing to State elections to Congress. That is the path chosen by those who present themselves as “the attractive new face of progressivism.” They win over the hearts and minds of the young, but they are anything but progressive or liberal. They are intolerant radicals promoting big government control over every aspect of citizens lives based on an economy that will ruin the country.

They have the narrative buttoned down. Speak truth to their lies and you are branded as a racist, white supremacist, a toxic male. Any insult will do to shut you up.

Does anyone tell the truth any more on the left of American politics?

Next time, when new smiling faces appears to replace the old school Democratic incumbent, beware of progressives bearing gifts. They are hiding inside the Trojan Horse of a Marxist ideology being wheeled into the heart of American political power.

Evidence of that appeared in the form of Ilhan Omar, she of the “Benjamin” insult, she of the “May Allah protect you from an evil Israel that is hypnotizing the world,” she of the smiling face when talking about “Some people did something” on 9/11. She, whose family got rich working for a genocidal Marxist dictator in Somalia back in the day when she lived a protected life in Mogadishu. That was until the people rose up to depose Siad Barre and entered the capital. That is when her protected family had to escape at 4 am in the middle of the night to catch a special flight to Kenya. By the way, she did not live in a dusty refugee camp. She lived comfortably in a residential district of Mombasa until her family engineered their entry into the United States and where she continued to live with a false name. Her family name is Nur Elmi, not Omar. That name was adopted from the sponsoring family already living in America.

When will Ilhan Omar begin to tell the truth? She had lied about everything in her life. Her false marriages including a legal one to her gay brother, Ahmed Elmi of London. Her tax and student loan frauds, her destruction of evidence and her perjury. I even have evidence that she lied when she had a private meeting with the corrupt President of Somalia in December 2016 about the identity of the man she travelled with to this meeting.

This failure to tell the truth is not confined to the United States. America is a few years behind Europe on several issues. An open border policy is one of them.

Open borders were fine when it was confined to open travel for citizens living within the European Union but it began to collapse when that included the free movement of terrorists from one European capital to another.

European leaders lied to their people about what the result of unbridled and incompatible mass immigration would do to their countries. They lied on purpose. Cynically, they saw a mass of future voters rather than a massive headache that will irrevocably change the face of their countries and their continent.  So they told their people to welcome the stranger in the spirit of “multi-multiculturalism” and to celebrate diversity.   The only problem was that a hardcore of the migrants from the Middle East and North Africa didn’t know how to assimilate and didn’t want to integrate. They wanted to keep their cultural norms and to live in their own isolated communities, simply carrying on as they had done in the lands of their birth. Simply put, they did not leave the Middle East, they brought the Middle East with them into Europe.

Part of their baggage were behavior patterns never before experienced by the refined Europeans. So of course they were alarmed at the gang rapes of German and Swedish women and English girls and by the authorities who tried to keep the identities of the perpetrators secret. In England, they even arrested and imprisoned one protester who insisted it was his civil duty to warn the population who were perpetrating these crimes and why it was being kept hidden from them.

No. European authorities don’t tell the truth anymore. Omission – keeping the facts and the truth from the indigenous population- is pernicious in too many European countries.

Try this statistic. Demographically, the indigenous Swede will be a minority in their own country within their lifetime. It amazes me how a dependency population – Sweden practices a free market socialism – keep voting for a government that is turning off the lights in their own country and, like hand-fed lambs, they take the free handouts and remain silent.

Don’t they realize they are sleepwalking to their own demise?

I am writing this in my own country – Israel. Has the media in your country ever told the truth about Israel? Have you really been given the truth about our life experience and the hostile environment we face on a daily basis? Part of that environment calls itself Palestinian.

Are you not aware that every time Palestinian Hamas or Islamic Jihad fire a barrage of rockets into our civilian areas it barely gets more than a cursory mention? But, when Israel is forced to respond in our defense to put an end to the violence, we are accused of acting inhumanely, disproportionately, that the missile fire was our fault because Palestinians live in such ghastly conditions.

Does anyone tell the truth anymore?

Did you ever hear about the oppression under which a deeply divided Palestinian leadership abuse their own people?  Was that ever covered in your national media? I think not.

Human Rights Watch recently reported that the oh so decent Palestinian Authority were detaining hundreds of Arabs protesting against their corrupt dictatorship in detention camps in Jericho where at least twenty-eight peaceful protesters have been tortured? Or that both the PA and Hamas are founded on deeply anti-Semitic ideologies that includes rewarding the killing of Jews?  Is it any wonder that Israel does what it has to do to defend itself?

Does anyone tell the truth anymore?


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