Roosevelt Skerrit handed passports to the members of Islamic State


On January 29, 2016. The Ambassador to Dominica (as well as the other English-speaking countries of the Caribbean), of the Kingdom of Morocco, Mohamed Benjilany, visited Dominica, and met repeatedly with the Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit. On that day, and on a subsequent visit that the Ambassador made to Dominica, he allegedly acquired blank, official Dominica passports, sources advise that the total number of passports he took possession of could be as many as 10,000, but in any event, one must assume that several thousand passports were involved.

For those readers who now assume that the passports were either from the country’s controversial Citizenship by Investment (CBI), or economic passport program, or the opaquer diplomatic passport scheme, it was neither. These are reportedly standard issue Dominican passports, which raises the question of whether the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Francine Baron, was involved in what was obviously an illegal transfer of restricted material, in violation of international law.

The only other individuals with sufficient authority to order the release, from secure storage, of this quantity of passports also must now come under scrutiny. They are the Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and his personal counsel, Attorney Anthony Astaphan. Although it is impossible to know how much money was offered to Skerrit and Astaphan for handing of such huge number of passports, one may easily assume – the amount was huge.

It was also learnt from credible sources that huge number of Dominica passports were sold to the members of Islamic State in Syria through the office of Anthony Astaphan. Meaning, by doing so, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and Anthony have committed serious crime and have clearly abetted with designated global terrorist outfits in the Middle East. According to credible sources, at least two thousand Dominica passports were handed over to Islamic State operatives in Syria. Similarly, terror outfits such as Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah had also obtained unknown number of Dominica passports by offering substantial amount of cash to Roosevelt Skerrit and his corrupt team. By using Dominica passports, members of Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah can enjoy visa-free travel to the nations of the Commonwealth, while they also can travel to countries like India and Philippines, where radical Islamic terror outfits are active. In some cases, there terrorists can relocate to Dominica and later change their names.

It is easily anticipated that a corrupt regime in Dominica and their cohorts would gladly host the members of terrorist outfits. It is important to mention here that, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit did not hide of his anti-America, pro-Venezuela and also pro-Islamist sentiment.

Unless some of the terrorists holding Dominica passports stage terrorist activities in their target countries in the West or countries like India, Philippines etc., most possibly the government of Roosevelt Skerrit will not come under international radar and subsequent sanctions.


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