A damn liar Narendra Modi and Indian election


Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa 

It is Modi who is the elected prime minister of India. In 2014 the general elections were fought by BJP on the name of Narendra Modi who was and has been portrayed as a model role model of India.

Development, Employment, Inflation, Black money, and social security were the most highlighted issues this election was based on. The BJP made a lot of promises at the time of elections. Modi, himself, made many false promises which many economists found to be unrealistic.

PM Modi promised to bring back the black money to India and distribute among the people. In this way, he announced that every Indian will get Rs.15 lac (Rs.1.5 million INR) in his account. This was the biggest lie of the time.

PM Modi promised to give 2 crores (20 million) jobs every year. This could have made India the most progressive nation. Instead, today, India is losing jobs and employment.

PM Modi promised to empower the farmers as they are the backbone of India. All promises proved to be just electoral bluffs to make the dream of Modi to become Prime Minister of India.

Since 2014, India’s GDP growth has declined. It is not due to any global effects on our economy. It is due to the unrealistic policies and their implementations by Modi’s government in India. Demonetization has the ever recorded adverse effect on our national domestic economic growth. The step of demonetization and new currency notes made many small and mid-level businesses die their own death. Hundreds lost their lives during this period; some during the exchange of their hard earned money and some in hospitals when they have no new currency notes to pay. More than 100 people lost their lives while they were standing in the queue to exchange their notes in the bank. All blunder is due to the unrealistic and fake policies of PM Modi.

The employment rate has been reduced to the lowest for the last 45 years. Today, there are no jobs in the market. IT sector is beaten so badly due to the introduction of new taxation (GST). Today, what every Indian asks is:

where are those 20 million jobs every year? Total of 100 million jobs in total.

Where are those rupees 15 lac in every Indian’s account?

We don’t see any development in the infrastructure.

We don’t see any international investment in India.

PM Modi cannot run away like this. After 5 years again the general elections in India are going to take place. Every Indian has eyes on the newly elected government. PM Modi’s false promises made people think that BJP can never bring their promises to reality. Even this time BJP’s election manifesto doesn’t have employment section in it. This is because they know that one can’t be fooled repeatedly.

On the other hand, the opposition is united to bring down Modi. The present political arithmetic doesn’t seem to be very much in favor of BJP. But it is up to the people to decide their own fate.

Journalism has been destroyed in the Modi’s government. Either someone is in favor of Modi or don’t exist, this is what PM Modi is playing. Many journalists are killed by Modi’s saffron gangs nationwide. This is an attack on the freedom of expression.

Terrorism is something which is PM Modi’s most favorite topic. But in reality, PM Modi has not done anything against terrorism, instead, he shook hands with Hamas, Palestine rebels, etc. Modi is too busy in collecting the highest honors by Russia and it’s alliance countries. Modi’s bankrupt foreign policy has miserably affected India’s stand in the UN Security Council too. PM Modi’s government stood against Israel in UN Security Council favoring terrorist organization Hamas.

The international community should definitely analyze the situations and games played within and outside India by PM Modi. India is a democratic country and its power is secularism. Today India’s secularism is in danger too.

Modi’s government favors the animals but denies the human being. Many Indians are lynched by the saffron gang in the name of religion. It is the same situation as Pakistan has in the 1970s.

Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa is the editor of The Eastern Herald


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