Jihadists under the garb of society girls


Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

In Plaistow, London (E13), a woman named Farzana Anjum Khan lives with her daughters Shehtaz M Khan, Pinas M Khan and Parisa Pinaz Khan. For past few years, her husband, a notorious criminal and funder of Islamic State (ISIS), Lt Col (sacked) Shahid Uddin Khan has also been residing with her in Britain. To Britons, this family may look like just another “innocent family” from South Asia. But in reality, they are jihadist – more precisely members, patrons and funders of Islamic Stats (ISIS). In the same address, there is another individual named Julia, who is a girlfriend of Shahid Uddin Khan. It is even believed that, Julia is fact is Shahid’s second wife. Julia’s ex husband was a member of Muslim Brotherhood. Although Shahid’s daughters look to be extremely modern and even are habitual alcoholics; all of them are extremely radicalized. In their social media accounts, these girls are promoting radical Islam and madrassa education.

Two of Shahid Uddin Khan’s daughters are known within the Bangali society in Britain as society girls or posh sex workers. Khan’s wife Farzana Anjum also maintains a dubious lifestyle in UK while she also is known to be having illicit affairs with many men, most of whom are foreigners.

Shahid Uddin Khan’s daughters are seen waiting for customers in various nightclubs, pubs and bars in London. But sources in London told this correspondent, although Khan’s daughters are known as society girls or posh sex workers, in reality they are basically deep-covered jihadists who are continuing jihadist activities including recruitment of various individuals towards jihad. Ever since they went to United Kingdom, these girls are freely mixing with various dubious individuals and even trapping them under the pretention of romantic affairs. Even two of Khan’s daughters had to go for abortion on a number of occasions as they became pregnant by their so-called boyfriend. A neighbor of Shahid Uddin Khan’s family said, “These girls are worst than street sex workers. Ever since they came here, they have started leading a wild lifestyle while their mother also was regularly changing boyfriends. We started suspecting them when we found these girls; their mother and father were trying to allure people towards jihad.


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