Democrats and CNN collude to rig elections


Barry Shaw

As an outside observer it has been distressing to see the extent to which the American mainstream media has colluded with the Democratic Party in a two year campaign to impeach a duly elected president on patently false charges of colluding with the Russians to win the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

We are about the hear the result of the Special Prosecutor’s case against the sitting president though it is clear to anyone with clear vision that, in the words of the leading anti-Trump FBI investigator, Peter Strzok, “there’s no there there.”

With an undeterred fervor verging on hysteria, the majority Democrats in the House have determined to construct yet another investigation, this time based on attempting to find bank, business, personal improprieties. Anything to hang the president. They hate the man. They will spend another two years and millions of dollars of taxpayers money in search of a crime.

Instead of doing the people’s business, the Democrats will waste their time, energies and budget solely on a desperate witch hunt targeting Trump?

The clock is ticking. They only have two years to come up with something, anything, to bring about the fall of their Trump nemesis.

The media, in support of the Democrats, have been obsessively painting President Donald Trump as the most evil man on the planet. Deliberately failing to record his achievements, particularly the massively improved domestic economic climate, they have whipped up an anti-Trump fever that is leading to violence against Trump supporters. Theirs is an intolerance and bias that is frightening. Any positive voice for Trump must be censored, prevented, blocked, as the first steps are being taken in the run up to the 2020 elections.

Already, Democratic candidates are outdoing themselves in pulling down the president and proposing insane and unworkable social and economic policies.

We saw the fear and the fraud of the Democrats in the recent decision of the Democratic National Committee to block Fox News from hosting any of the presidential primary debates. What are they scared of? That Fox will ask searching questions of the candidates?

DNC Chairman, Tom Perez, said that his organization would not allow the conservative news network to host any of the debates. The weak excuse he gave was that a tabloid had accused Fox of “inappropriate relationships between President Trump, his Administration, and Fox News.”

Neither the tabloid nor the DNC could come up with anything substantial to justify the decision to bar Fox,

CNN was quick to support Perez. One anchor, Brian Stelter, said, “Every night on prime time Fox, Democrats are dehumanized. They are attacked relentlessly by Fox. Can you imagine a TV debate when Nancy Pelosi or Alexandria Ocacio Cortez are constantly demonized and attacked.”

What we have here is CNN projecting what they themselves do 24/7 against Trump and Fox News. Whatever they accuse Fox of doing, they do themselves. They incessantly slander Trump and his family.

They say that Fox may rig a primary debate. Fox has never done that, and never will. They have a sterling reputation in past debates. It is CNN that colludes with the Democrats to pervert elections.

In 2016, one of CNN’s contributors, political strategist for, and member of, the Democratic Party, Donna Brazile, leaked a debate question to Hillary Clinton before her presidential debate with Donald Trump.

They tried to cover it up, but she and CNN got caught red-handed.

On the one hand, Fox News stood up to have CNN’s Jim Acosta reinstated in the White House press briefings after his unacceptable and disrespectful behavior toward the president during a November news conference. On the other hand, Acosta falsely calls Fox News, “State-run TV.”

Donna Brazile, Kamala Harris, Christine Gillibrand, Eric Stillwell are among the many Democrats to appear on Fox News to air their views. But wearing a MAGA hat is likely to get you punched in the face. Put a Trump sticker on your car and you’ll have your car trashed. Yet, they call Trump supporters “terrorists.”

Why do I hear complaints from America that kids don’t get an education on campus, they get an indoctrination, and a left-wing one at that.

How tolerant are the new Democratic women entering Congress, those that have emerged from American campus’s of hate and division? Not at all.

Freshly unwrapped AOC tells anyone who doesn’t agree with her impossible Green New Deal to shut up because she’s “the boss.”

Rashida Tlaib is excited about impeaching the president. “I think we know the dangers of allowing President Trump to continue to violate our US Constitution.”

Only one minute in Congress and Tlaib is dedicated to the goal of jailing the elected president. In this she is giving the soundbites for the baying of the pro-Dem media, increasingly populated by the indoctrinated graduates coming off the conveyor belt of the campus industry of lies and Socialist engineering.

Democracy in the new Democratic Party has been replaced by radical intolerance to anything and anyone that gets in their way of fundamentally changing America.

There is far greater diversity on Fox News than any other mainstream channel. Most of Fox’s opposition prefer to spend their time echoing the same anti-Trump dog whistles rather than report on issues such as the return of industry to America, historic low unemployment figures particularly for blacks, Hispanics and women, fewer people on food stamps. Have you ever heard these facts accurately and fully reported on CNN?

Nobody at Fox has ever announced they are running for political office, but CNN President, Jeff Zucker, a partisan Democrat, has said he intends to run for office. Guess for which party?

Zucker is one media czar that has deepened the political division in the country. This is what he is doing by endorsing the DNC ban on Fox News. By doing so he is saying that disagreement with, or the questioning of, the platforms of the Democratic candidates should not be allowed. Should not be allowed, that is, if it is coming from conservative voices against the Democratic left, but perfectly acceptable, even welcomed, when it comes from the progressive side slamming the Republican Administration.

Yet Zicker calls Fox News a “propaganda outlet.”  That’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

Furthering his political bias, Zucker went on to accuse Fox of doing “tremendous damage to this country.”

I would submit that is it CNN, in cahoots with the Democratic|Part,y that is the one causing colossal damage to the industry of journalism and even more to the United States.

They have been quick to block any dissenting voice in their public debate space..

In short, the DNC and CNN do not want debate. They want total compliance.

The new alliance against truly open debate has become a dangerous new norm in American politics. It is population thought control. They control what you can or cannot think by blocking contrary views, or those expressing unacceptable facts.

The American media has gone from serving the people with fair, balanced, and truthful reporting to propagating a particular political bias. They have truly become Pravda. Instead of presenting truth and facts, they are pumping out propaganda in support of their political allies.

Barry Shaw is an associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.


  1. As a lifelong Independent heavily involved with other independents, I can say CNNs programming the past 4 years will cause many Independents to vote Republican down the ballot. The blatant lies, hypocrisy and sheer Ignorance from the left and liberal media is mindblowing.


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