Canada plans to identify criminals who have taken immigration with forged documents


Naomi Gross

Finally Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is getting his sense back after appeasing and patronizing radical Islam for years. According to official sources, Canadian immigration authorities with the help of intelligence agencies are going to begin a massive drive to verify documents provided by the asylum-seekers, many of whom already have obtained Canadian citizenship. Authorities also will examine past criminal records of those individuals as serious allegations of committing criminal offenses have already been raised against some of the Canadian immigrants. According to sources, in most of the asylum cases, applicants from Asia and Africa in particular have provided false documents including doctored copies of newspaper clippings with the ulterior motive of proving those applications legitimate. Most surprisingly, officials at the Canadian mission abroad have greatly depended on their local staffs in verifying those documents and those local staffs had abetted with the families of the applicants in exchange of bribe thus not bringing the matter of fabrication of documents or newspaper clippings.

Authorities will also cross-check if any of the Canadian immigrants have intentionally hide any of their personal or family information.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), there are allegations against few of the Canadian immigrants of serious criminal offenses which include murder, robbery, abduction and rape. These criminals have obtained Canadian immigration by false claiming to have been politically or socially persecuted in their respective nations for being opposing to the government.

It said, specific allegations were brought against four immigrants from the African continent who had actively participated in sexual assault or exploitation and authorities already have gathered strong evidences against them from various websites and social media. Out of these four targets, three have made pornographic films at home without the consent or knowledge of their sexual partner and had sold those films to various pornographic sites in exchange of hefty amount of cash. Interestingly, all of the four are Muslims.

RCMP source further said, in 2018, there had been several reports in the local media, which had exposed some Canadian immigrants from Asian countries, who also are making huge money by selling or renting pornographic contents.

Some of the Muslim immigrants are also accused of luring local females into romantic trap or maintaining multiple wives, which are serious crimes under Canadian laws.


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