British MP Rupa Huq’s fresh bids against Bangladesh


Varun Chaturvedi

Britain’s Labour Party MP Rupa Huq clearly has made promise to herself in somehow causing damage to Bangladesh and stopping the country from emerging into an economic giant in Asia. On January 10, 2019, Rupa Huq in a tweet said, “Do not have Bangla language skills to decipher this but have heard many concerns about this election [December 30, 2018 general election in Bangladesh] and result blatantly so crushingly flattering for the opposition that you couldn’t make it up! APPG for Bangladesh @StAlbansMP have requested meeting with @MarkFieldUK [Minister of State for Asia and Pacific and MP for the Cities of London and Westminster] to discuss.”

Rupa Huq is the Ealing Central and Action’s Labour MP since 2015. She also is a regular contributor of The Guardian newspaper.

This is most definitely not the only announcement Rupa Huq has within her knowledge. In fact she is not just waiting for the meeting between the MP from St Albans and Mark Field, Minister of State for Asia and Pacific and MP for the Cities of London and Westminster, rather she is doing more.

Right after the December 30 general election, a group of individuals, in addition of those from BNP and Jamaat, are actively trying to put the government of Sheikh Hasina under international pressure. From UK, Jamaat leader Barrister Abdur Razzak is not leaving any stone unturned in forcing Awami League in holding another “fresh election” soon. He has been spending lavishly towards lobbyists and PR agencies in the UK and US in particular as well as some of the EU nations. Razzak already has reportedly found an effective ally in Germany, who is tuning the policymakers and media personnel against Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her government.

In the US, one of the top allies of Jamaat e Islami, former chief justice of Bangladesh, S K Sinha is taking preparations of sending a letter to the key figures in the Department of Justice as well as the Supreme Court detailing “irregularities” in the general election and “unconstitutional” activities of the ruling party in Bangladesh. Sinha maintains regular connections with a number of Bangladeshi journalists, who have taken “political asylum” in the US showing the grounds of being persecuted by Awami League and “life risks.” Sitting in the US, these journalists are working under the directives of BNP’s self-exiled acting chairman Tarique Rahman in London and Barrister Abdur Razzak, and running several channels on the YouTube, filled with fabricated and instigative contents against the Bangladesh government. Majority of these journalists in the career had been notoriously anti-US and pro-Islamist. It is a matter of great surprise, as to how the United States authorities are giving refuge to these journalists, whose agendas are returning Islamist forces into power in Bangladesh by ousting the secularist and anti-Islamist government of Sheikh Hasina.

In Bangladesh, British MP Rupa Huq has indirect connection with a photographer named Shahidul Alam as well as the editor of an English daily. Besides, she has acquaintance with Shafik Rehman, a Bangladesh-born British national and pro-BNP journalist.

Another anti-government individual in Bangladesh is the boss of a rights groups named ODHIKAR, Barrister Adilur Rahman Khan, who is giving fabricated information to several international rights groups including the Human Rights Watch, ENFREL etc. Barrister Khan is an activist of BNP and was amongst the top-most patrons of a pro-Caliphate group named Hefazat e Islam.

While conspiracies against Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her government are continuing in multiple fields, unfortunately her key-allies such as India, China and Russia are not initiating any effective steps in helping Hasina in fighting such challenges posed by BNP, Jamaat and Pakistan. While attempts of discrediting the December 30 general election are continuing in full swing, silence of Sheikh Hasina’s key-allies certainly is worrying.


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