Dominica’s Roosevelt Skerrit is a con artist


Roosevelt Skerrit has consistently proven to us that he has no ability to manage our affairs, let alone turn this economy around. This former bicycle peddler turned Head of State has systematically destroyed our country in every way. He presides over a country whose economy is on life support, and he does not have the prescription for it’s recovery.

Mr. Skerrit and his band of eunuchs in the cabinet of the government of Dominica, while impoverishing the people of this beautiful land, have enriched themselves and their close associates to a degree that has never been seen. From villas to multiple dwellings to foreign clandestine bank accounts, this cabinet of thieves and child predators have decimated our Isle of Beauty.

We have exposed close associates of Mr. Skerrit, in particular first child’s mother, Ms. Yvette Laurent, to be the owners of front companies in the United Kingdom and elsewhere through which tens of millions of dollars have passed through with no explanation as to the source of those funds. We know that Ms. Laurent, a former primary school teacher turned offshore banking specialist in the flash of an eye, never did nor does she now have the capacity to earn and ferret away such vast amounts of money; we know it belongs to someone else, one guy. But Ms. Laurent needs to take a cue from the US government criminal case against Ng Lap Seng that is currently proceeding through Manhattan Federal Court. While the central figure remains Mr. Ng, several co-conspirators have pleaded guilty and are scheduled to be sentenced for facilitating the commission of the crimes. Ms. Laurent is vulnerable to conspiracy and money laundering charges in the United Kingdom, and should it be determined that monies she handled (by virtue of the fact that she is listed as the sole owner of those companies) ever coursed through a US bank, Ms. Laurent is vulnerable to US criminal charges as well.

Through all this, the people of Dominica sit idly by on their steps, belly empty, and take it all in. When exactly do you Dominicans intend to take matters into your own hands? When you’re at the foot of your graves? Or are you prepared to die in that state? We’ve witnessed Dominicans interactions with Mr. Skerrit. If we didn’t know any better, we would think that they believe that he’s a God. Or do they really believe that he is? Notwithstanding his ability to raid the government’s coffers, for all his failings, there is one other thing Mr. Skerrit has proven to us all; he is a master of deception. Roosevelt Skerrit has cemented his place in Dominica’s history as the greatest con man ever.

Mr. Skerrit has been peddling the oft-repeated lie that he is a master negotiator. With evidence to the contrary in plain sight, Mr. Skerrit has been able to convince Dominicans that he is the only one who can bring development to the country. To convince us of that, he has enlisted a cadre of enablers, including Ambassador to Venezuela Philbert Aaron, to consistently sing his praises, on cue. Mr. Aaron, who at times we cannot recognize when he’s in the presence of his wife, has made attacking opposition leader Lennox Linton his full-time job. For all his rants however, Mr. Aaron, a man best-suited to be the main attraction in the London Zoo’s gorilla exhibit, will fail in this exercise.

In order to sustain this con act, this Con Artist Roosevelt Skerrit has proven adept, with great irony, at hiring prolific artists to depict his many development ideas. And who can complain when we are shown what Roseau would look like when Mr. Skerrit is done with it? And those beautiful resorts? We have so many tourists clamoring for hotel rooms, who’s going to complain about the ones Roosevelt says he’s going to build?


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