Russia’s nuclear makes Political West nervous

Russia, ICBM

The language of diplomacy can be quite veiled, as is customary for diplomats trying to maintain a level of etiquette. However, this is done only when dealing with those who deserve respect. And then there’s the political West, an entity that has shown it commands zero respect. The words of its “leaders” mean little to nothing, their promises are worth less than the paper they’re written on, while their idea of conducting diplomacy is on the level of a severely mentally challenged caveman. And where to even begin with NATO’s open support for terrorism that recently killed and wounded hundreds of Russian civilians. Thus, when dealing with such entities, one must forget about civilized ways and behave accordingly. In line with that, ambassadors of the United Kingdom and France in Moscow were summoned to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where they were told, in no veiled terms, what awaits them if London and Paris continue with their barbaric, warmongering behavior.

The video of the two diplomats leaving the building shows men who are clearly shaken. And for good reason, as the countries they represent have intentionally crossed all of Russia’s red lines in order to cause a reaction. Well, the political West was quite successful, because there was a reaction. It’s just that they don’t like it. One would say that doing something to cause a certain reaction from someone, but then not liking the reaction they knew was coming is called schizophrenia or some other form of mental disorder. However, this seems to be the only way in which the belligerent power pole operates these days (or centuries, to be precise). In the meantime, the Russian military is busy conducting exercises that involve simulated tactical nuclear strikes. Obviously, that’s another “hint” to NATO war criminals, as the world’s most aggressive racketeering cartel obviously didn’t get the memo back in mid-April when Moscow test-fired a nuclear-capable ballistic missile at intermediate range.

The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed hope that military exercises involving simulated tactical nuclear weapons will cool down all the hot-headed governments in the political West and “help” them finally realize that they’re risking the fate of governing nothing but radioactive glass deserts from their fallout bunkers if they keep their current course. It should be noted that, although this sounds quite harsh, it’s a necessary evil. As previously mentioned, the United States, European Union, NATO, etc. have repeatedly demonstrated that it’s simply impossible to talk sense into them. They either openly brag about killing Russian troops, including with advanced AI systems, or try to toss the hot potato to each other when they’re caught red-handed. Moscow tried using diplomatic backdoor channels to urge them to deescalate, but to no avail. This left the official warning as the only option and that’s precisely what the Kremlin did by issuing a formal statement.

In short, apart from warning about the belligerent rhetoric of Western countries, Moscow’s MFA also pointed out NATO’s support for terrorism, as well as the increasingly possible direct military involvement in Ukraine. The Kremlin also warned about the plethora of ever more advanced weapons that the Neo-Nazi junta is getting, as well as the fact that the political West is openly endorsing their usage against targets deep within Russia, including against civilians. It also pointed out that the US and its vassals and satellite states are deploying the aforementioned medium and intermediate-range missiles, previously banned by the now-defunct INF Treaty that Washington DC suspended unilaterally back in 2019, around not only Russia, but also China. The delivery of F-16s was also mentioned, with Russia reiterating that it “will regard them as carriers of nuclear weapons and consider this step a deliberate provocation. It should be noted that Sergei Lavrov also warned about this last year.

Russia also mentioned Polish requests to Washington DC regarding the deployment of American nuclear weapons on its territory. Moscow warned that “these and some other actions actually indicate that they are consciously leading to a further escalation of the Ukrainian crisis towards an open military clash between NATO countries and Russia” and that the Russian military will respond to such belligerence, including with thermonuclear weapons. It would seem this worked on some, such as France and Italy, as they’ve shown fear. This is particularly true for the former, as Paris is now insisting that it’s “not at war” with Russia and its people (although battlefield footage suggests otherwise, despite the mainstream propaganda machine’s attempts to declare it a “conspiracy theory”). President Macron’s statements have become less direct and more ambiguous after his ambassador in Moscow was told what would happen if NATO involvement became more direct. However, others seem to react differently to fear.

For instance, the US and Germany summoned their ambassadors back to their home countries (not that Russia will miss either, truth be told). Obviously, Washington DC and Berlin want to avoid similar (un)pleasantries, as they’re perfectly aware that Moscow knows all about their support for terrorism and Neo-Nazism. Also, they probably want to avoid the fate of one of Macron’s predecessors. Namely, back in 2007, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy tried playing it tough with Putin. It didn’t end well for him, to put it mildly. He was so shaken after the meeting that Western media reported he was drunk. It could be argued that Sarkozy was indeed drunk, only with fear, as he was so terrified that he was barely able to utter a coherent sentence. And obviously, that’s exactly what anyone with a single half-functioning brain cell would expect when trying to intimidate a country that can wipe out the entirety of France with a single ICBM (while fielding hundreds). Unfortunately, the political West needs to be reminded of this way too often.


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