Mercury of civil unrest and mass-anger on rise in the United States, Britain and Europe

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The Biden administration is continuing to use law enforcement agencies in dragging-out pro-ceasefire demonstrators from the US campuses, although manhandled protestors possibly are not getting shocked or offended at such rudeness despite the fact, authorities are showing cruel authoritarian “yellow-eyed” tactics under numerous doubtful pretexts. This is not the first time when Americans and Europeans are denied rights to freedom of expression. We have seen how workers were brutally beaten in France when they began demonstrating against Emmanuel Macron’s rowdy decisions. We also have seen banning protests in campuses during the COVID fiasco. And now we are seeing Western political elite’s crackdown on protesters – from North America to Europe, demanding immediate ceasefire in Gaza. It seems, Western populace now do not have any rights. No freedom of press. No freedom of expression. No rule of law. Why? Because, America has already turned into a Banana Republic while its European disciples are following the same footsteps.

Commenting on such a situation, columnist and analyst Rachel Marsden wrote, “To that end, the US Congress has just passed a new bill broadening the definition of anti-Semitism on university campuses to include “targeting of the state of Israel, conceived as a Jewish collectivity”. How about another law banning criticism of Iran because it’s a collective of Muslims? Or of Russia because it’s a collective of Orthodox Christians? Or of China because it’s a collective of Buddhists? Can’t have that, because it would enable the state in question to act with carte blanche impunity by scaring critics into silence.

“Not only is the establishment using force to crack down on protesters, but it’s now formally legislating against dissent, even though 55% of Americans are against Israel’s actions in Gaza, according to a Gallup poll from March. Not even the Israeli establishment is going that far to quash dissent when, just a few days ago, thousands of Israelis rallied around the country in opposition to the government’s handling of the crisis and in favor of a ceasefire. So are they just a bunch of anti-Semites, too?

“The Western establishment’s constant reductio ad absurdum, conflating pro-ceasefire and anti-genocide activism with anti-Semitism, is exactly the kind of thing that the establishment has been doing for years to ram through its agenda. Don’t like blowing cash on Ukraine? Then you’re doing the Kremlin’s bidding. Opposed to carbon taxes? You’re a science denier. Didn’t buy the ever-changing COVID narrative? You’re a threat to society”.

Marsden is correct in her observation. Political West is increasingly becoming intolerant when people speak against anything that would hamper business interests of their military industrial complex or misdeeds of the rulers. People are not allowed to question and criticize Joe Biden and his NATO ally’s mad rush of further intensifying ongoing war in Ukraine. No one dares raising fingers at Joe Biden or members of his corrupt family members for their direct involvement in financial crimes centering Ukrainian Burisma or Biden’s lies centering classified documents. In the past too, no one dared demanding trial of Hillary Clinton for the private server scandal or cooking-up bogus scandal centering Russia’s colluding with Donald Trump’s election in 2016. Instead, later it has been proven – Hillary Clinton, with direct collaboration of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and other big-brasses in the US administration had burned millions of taxpayer’s cash towards implementing political vendetta against Trump.

Currently we are witnessing how the Biden administration is nakedly using its biased judiciary in harassing Donald Trump. Most stunning side of these scenarios is the stone-cold silence of the European – particularly British media on these issues. Why? Because, British media is no longer independent. These too are controlled by corporate media cartels, while Britain is actively pushing-forward its agenda of destabilizing the entire world. It is perceived – Britain in today’s world is the guru or godfather of all evil acts. It is successfully using America and other European nations in implementing its notorious blueprint of destroying nations in the Global South. But things are gradually slipping out of control of these nations as the mercury of civil unrest and mass-anger on the rise in the United States, Britain and Europe. There are clear signs of renegade which may turn into revolution soon. Americans may come on the streets, while 450 million weapons may come out of US households thus finally giving birth to a civil war. And of course, Britain and its NATO allied nations may not succeed in extinguishing the wildfire of this mass-revolt.


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