Bangladesh Chhatra League’s pro-peace rally: Saddam Hussain condemns cruelty on students in campuses in Western nations

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On May 6, Dhaka University campus was crowded by thousands of the members of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL), student wing of ruling Awami League, where they gathered in front of historic Modhu’r Canteen being led by BCL General Secretary Sheikh Wali Asif Inan, chanting pro-Palestine, anti-Israel, pro-peace, pro-ceasefire and anti-war slogans. This was the first-ever campus demonstration amongst the non-Arab Muslim nations expressing solidarity with hundreds and thousands of demonstrating students in the campuses of Western nations, including the United States. This program of BCL has received highest appreciation from people of all walks of life in Bangladesh, while it also drew significant attention of the international media. BCL members demanded establishment of an independent Palestinian state and condemned atrocities of Israeli forces on residents of Gaza.

At Dhaka University, the solidarity event centered around the Raju Sculpture, where the Chhatra League’s central unit President Saddam Hussain and General Secretary Sheikh Wali Asif Inan delivered speeches. Students across the campus carried placards and banners with messages such as “Free Palestine, stop the genocide”, amplifying their call for action.

In response to the Chhatra League’s call, rallies commenced simultaneously on various campuses in the country with the national flags of Bangladesh and Palestine flying side by side, symbolizing their joint cause. The procession began at Madhur Canteen, where students marched with the flags of both nations, concluding their journey at the foot of the Raju Memorial Sculpture. Here, amidst chants echoing in support of Palestine, the fervor for justice was palpable.

Thousands of students joined the rally, passionately demanding the establishment of an independent Palestinian state while vehemently condemning Israel’s actions. Holding aloft placards and banners inscribed with messages such as “Free Palestine, stop the genocide”, they amplified their call for immediate action on the international stage.

Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL), student wing of ruling Awami League organized rally in Dhaka on May 6 in support of Palestinian people

Chhatra League president Saddam Hussain in his speech said, the masks of those who identify themselves as the custodians of democracy have been exposed. He said, “we want an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. In the United States, I have seen Jewish students also speak out for the freedom of Palestine. I want to put a question to the people of the world, after the death of how many people you will call it a genocide?”

Saddam Hussain underscored the enduring legacy of courage and the unwavering commitment to justice and equality, resonating deeply with the gathered crowd.

He said, “Bangladesh Chhatra League stands for justice, peace and a free Palestine and in solidarity with the ongoing global student movement. In the symphony of human story, where the echoes of oppression mingle with the melodies of freedom, students around the world rise as a beacon of hope, unwavering in our commitment to justice, peace, and solidarity with the oppressed peoples of the world”.

BCL President Saddam Hussain said, “Today, as the sun sets upon the lands of Palestine, casting shadows of injustice upon the hearts of its people, we stand in soul and solidarity with a global student movement demanding an end to the war of the genocidal regime of Israel and the establishment of a free and independent Palestine. For too long, the Palestinians people have borne the bond of a brutal occupation, their dreams of freedom shackled by the chains of oppression.

“From the rabble stone streets of Gaza to the olive groves of the West bank, the cries of the oppressed echo through the corridors of power, demanding to be heard by a world too often deep to their suffering”.

He said, “The Bangladesh Chhatra League, blown from the crucible of our nation’s freedom struggle, stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Our legacy is one of caress, sacrifice, and unwavering dedication to the principles of justice and equality. Just as our forefathers fought bravely for the liberation of our own land, so too, do we stand with our Palestinian brothers and sisters in their struggle for freedom. In the Halloween halls of academia, the torchbearers of change have risen”.

Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL), student wing of ruling Awami League organized rally in Dhaka on May 6 in support of Palestinian people

Mentioning ongoing student protests in the United States, Saddam Hussain said, “From Columbia University to Tulane University, from the City University of New York to the University of California. Students defy intimidation and repression, demanding divestment from the arms that fill the machinery of oppression and genocide. Their courage is a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards the world free from the shackles of war and conflict.

“We strongly condemn the forceful suppression of their rightful demand to divest from the apparatus of genocidal regime. The foreseeable expression of the settlements, coupled with a despicable assault on students and educators by security forces, flagrantly undermines the fundamental democratic principle of freedom of expression and assembly that we cherish.

“Students of these campuses are demonstrating the rejuvenating power of cadres. This rejuvenating power is undermining the decade long suppression of the Palestinian dream. As we gather in solidarity, let us hit the call for peace and justice that resonates across borders. Let us envision a world where the cries of the oppressed heart, where the flames of resistance illuminate the darkest corners of tyranny. Let Palestine stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity, a beacon of hope for a future founded on equality and justice”.

He said, “As we march forward, guided by the timeless wisdom of our father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahman, we declare our unwavering allegiance to the oppressors. For it taught us that in a world divided between oppressors and the oppressed, our duty lies with the letter. In his footsteps, we treat steadfast in our commitment to justice, peace and solidarity. For he told us that our national liberation remains incomplete unless and until a free and independent Palestinian state is established”.

Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL), student wing of ruling Awami League organized rally in Dhaka on May 6 in support of Palestinian people

Calling upon the world leaders, Saddam Hussain said, “To the leaders of the world, we say the time for action is now. The time to stand in solidarity with the oppressed, to fight for justice, peace and equality is now. Let us put aside our differences and come together as one, united in our determination to build a better world for all. The ordinary daughter of the father of the nation, the architect of modern Bangladesh in various international forums and platforms, she has consistently advocated for the interests of the Palestinian people”.

Mentioning the praiseworthy and bold stand of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina against cruelty on Palestinian people, Saddam Hussain said, “Following the ongoing onset of extensive violence and destruction in Gaza, Prime Minister Desh Ratna Sheikh Hasina promptly expressed strong opposition. I mean, she immediately called for an end to the violence, declaring a ceasefire and urging for comprehensive international support for the immediate dispatch of aid, food, water and medical supplies, along with cessation of hostilities. In the spirit of this fraternity and solidarity, we call upon the international community to join hands in ending the reign of terror inflicted upon the Palestinian people. Let us dismantle the walls of oppression and build bridges of solidarity that span continents”.

Emphasizing on unity of people throughout the world, BCL President Saddam Hussain said, “Let us place ourselves to the noble cause of peace, knowing that in our unity lies the power to transform the world. Let us raise our voices in unison, proclaiming to the world that justice will prevail, the peace will thump, and the oppressed will rise. Divest from the genocidal apparatus, invest in peace, justice, unity and solidarity”.

It may be mentioned here that the Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL), the student wing of Awami League (AL) was founded by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Father of the Nation of the country, on January 4, 1948. This organization has played key roles during 1952 language movement as well as 1971 war of independence of Bangladesh.

It may also be mentioned here that none of the student wings of any of the political parties in Bangladesh, including Al Qaeda-connected Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Jamaat-e-Islami and others have protested ongoing cruelty of Israeli forces on innocent Palestinians. It was later revealed that BNP’s acting chairman and convicted terrorist Tarique Rahman has instructed his party leaders including leaders of BNP’s student front Bangladesh Chhatra Dal (BCD) not to utter a word about Israel’s ongoing military actions in Gaza, as Tarique Rahman believes, such actions and condemnation of Israel or expressing solidarity with Palestinians would “annoy Americans and Western leaders”. He reportedly told his party top-brasses, as BNP is looking for returning to power with the blessings of the United States, Britain and other Western countries, their pro-Palestine stands would “give a wrong signal” to BNP’s “western friends”.


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